2017 NOBILE WATERFLOW 5’11 review


Classic surfboard looks, extra volume for light wind and plenty of stability for new strapless riders




The Waterflow is a beautifully classic-looking surfboard. Clean graphics and teardrop shape will inspire your dreams of becoming a high-performance surfer, but in truth the Waterflow is aimed at riders who are taking their first tentative steps on to a surfboard. 



At 5’11 the board is already fairly long, but there’s also loads of buoyancy throughout and thick rails, too. Although the outline pulls in towards the tips from the wider centre section, that’s still quite a chunky tail at the rear. All-round this makes for a very stable platform and although it gets going nice and early, the Waterflow doesn’t ride particularly quickly, so for light winds and for getting to grips with the basic foot movements of riding a surfboard, it steadily builds confidence. As soon as you want to step up in performance and start gouging turns, the Nobile requires more force from you as a rider and the development of very particular foot pressures and input. 

In small waves you’ll get a surfy feel as this will pick up any sort of swell with ease and for heavier riders the Waterflow is very forgiving. Heavier riders will also be able to get more performance from the tail of the board, but more glidey gentle turning performance than rail-to-rail action. In a world where it sometimes feels like there are lots of products for lighter weight, progressive riders, the Nobile bucks that trend here. It’s worth adding a tail pad as you need to be quite aggressive on your back foot to get more performance turns from the board and that grip will add extra purchase.  




Great looks and light weight surfboard build and construction in a design that’s suited to rookie surfboard users who will be riding in steady, easy conditions of flat water / chop and small waves. Offering stability under foot and a wide, consistent turning arc that forgives poor kite control, once you’re ready to turn up the heat in your wave performance you’ll need to step down to something quicker with less volume, like the Ocean Cruiser, which has less width, thickness and buoyancy, so is designed for more performance in challenging conditions.



Loads of buoyancy and stability for getting to grips with foot movements and kite handling errors. 



The amount of force you need to start linking turns. That said, the Nobile won’t react too quickly and immediately tip you off if you put your feet in the wrong place. 


SIZES: 5’11” x 19 3/4” x 2 3/8” (30.1L volume)


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