New Naish Foils 2021

Naish hydrofoils 2021

Launching into the new season with a broad and fresh selection of foils to choose from, whatever your favourite discipline, here’s a breakdown to help you hone in on the right line / design for you: 

Naish focus most of their development time in their home waters of Hawaii and they’re proud to have a foil range for anyone, from the weekend warrior to the most experienced watermen and waterwomen. Versatility is key through the modular design, enabling you to customize your riding experience. Whether windsurf foiling, surf foiling, SUP foiling, kite foiling, wing foiling, or all of the above, you’ll find the set-up for any and all conditions.

Drawing from decades of experience, one of the outstanding elements of the Naish range is the modular aspect: easily interchange foils, fuselages and mast lengths from size-to-size, sport-to-sport, and model year-to-model year. 


Naish Jef Foils

Naish Jet foils feature a medium aspect ratio delta-wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver the optimum combination of early lift, speed, and turning ability. These wings are the ideal choice for foil surfing as well as a wide range of disciplines from windsurfing and wing-surfing to downwind kite foiling.


Naish Jet HA foil

Designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance in surf, SUP, wing-surfing, and downwind foiling. These wings feature high aspect ratio planforms and proprietary thin section profiles — the result is maximum glide, excellent pumping, and improved top speed while still maintaining the excellent turning and control that defines the Jet HA range.


Naish Wing Wing foils

With a unique outline and foil section compared to any other wing in the Naish range, the Wind/Wing HA 914 is fast and fluid.

Suited for riders who prefer to ride with minimal sail size and put emphasis on early takeoff and maneuverability, or riders who prefer to sail with bigger sails and more focus on speed and upwind ability, the Naish Wind/Wing 1150 offers a magic balance like no other windsurf foil.



Naish kite foil range 2021

The Kite 960 is an entry-level wing that gives entry-level foilers the best possible experience on the water.

The 810 is a versatile foil for riders of all levels. The shape seamlessly blends riding fast and turning hard with incredible stability.

The 650 front wing targets intermediate-to-advanced riders. It has a huge range with a medium speed take off and nearly unlimited top end.


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