New Lightwind Releases – Duotone Juice and Mono Kites

Duotone Kiteboarding have released their lightwind specific kite models, namely the Mono and the Juice, you can be sure that even the lightest of days are rideable!

From Duotone:

With the release of the 2021 Juice and Mono from Duotone Kiteboarding, we have you covered for those light wind days! Not enough wind to kite is a thing of the past!


Duotone Mono Product Clip

For free riders, kite foilers and wave riders who are looking for fun, simplicity in a lightweight package to maximise light wind sessions! The Mono is stable and just simply hangs in the air! Lighter riders and young groms will love the easy relaunch and smooth intuitive power delivery!

Watch the Duotone Mono product clip


Duotone Juice product video

The ultimate weapon for light wind days, the Juice is designed to deliver stunning performance when riding the foil or your twin tip in the lightest conditions. The unique shape, profile and reduced weight boast incredible handling and power delivery. Faster through the air the Juice is lively and agile with faster turning speeds and a lighter bar pressure for 2021. When the wind picks up, the Juice with its impressive range, allows you to jump higher with the sensation of floating through the air!

Watch the Juice product clip here


Duotone Mono with Jeremy Tronet

Familiar with the complete Duotone line up of kites, we ask Jeremie Tronet why the Mono is a stand out choice for him for foil sessions and when teaching light wind lessons at the JT Pro Center in Union Island.

Hear Jeremie’s impression in full here


Duotone Juice with Ralph Grosel

We catch up with Ralf Grösel to go behind the design of the new Juice. The Juice sets the benchmark in light wind kites. Ralf takes us through the refinements to the new 2021 model.

Hear the full interview


Learn more about the Duotone kite range:



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