Naish’s New Boxer

The New Boxer Kite

The New Naish Boxer: All-Around Freeride and Foiling


 The one-strut Boxer for 2020 delivers incredible low-end power and the ability to completely focus on your riding whilst the kite simply floats. We’ve already had our hands the 7m Boxer – catch the review in issue #104!


The New Boxer Kite

Rider: Robert Crane


Originally designed for foiling, these characteristics also make the Boxer a good choice for light wind freeriding and down-the-line wave riding – it drifts for days…

Naish’s performance feature list:

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Low End Power
  • Floats in Lightwind
  • “Sheet-in-and-go” Feel
  • Large Depower with Short Throw 


The New Boxer Kite

Rider: Tim Walsh


The Boxer has been designed to give you that extra bit of punch when you need it – whether that’s using the 16 or 14m  for twin tip freestyle, or the 2.8m for super-efficient foiling. 

Watch the product video:



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