Mystic Stealth Harness Review


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Mystic Stealth Harness Review

‘The Flexagon Drytech material leaves your harness feeling just about as light and dry when you finish a session as it did before you hit the water.”



WORDS: Jim Gaunt

I went into this test after several months using the Mystic Majestic harness. Enveloping my waist with the Stealth I noticed an immediate extra feel of stiffness, not only directly across my back but also around the edges. The ‘Flexagon Drytech’ material used throughout the inside of the harness and around the edges is thinner than the padded perimeter of the Majestic. When I first put the Stealth on and cinched it tight, my first thought was, ‘They might have gone too far with this.’ One of the things I really enjoy about the Majestic is that, although it fits very snuggly, the softness around the top cushions at the base of my ribs, adds comfort.


The Stealth doesn’t move at all from where you tighten it around your body

I only tested it while wearing a wetsuit and perhaps there would be a bit more movement against another material, or your skin – but I’m sure the majority of our readers wear wetsuits most of the time. The Stealth’s ‘Bionic Core frame is designed to be horizontally stiff, but still has some twist to follow the changing contours of your body while you kite.

The Stealth is slightly lower profile height-wise than the Majestic, so naturally doesn’t sit as butted up to the ribs, which is why I didn’t have such a need for the extra padding around the edges. Both the Stealth and Majestic I’ve used are small sizes; I’m a 31 inch waist, and they’re both perfect.

I haven’t switched back to the Majestic since having the Stealth in my possession. The lack of movement makes me feel so connected to the kite without an inch of twist and the padded Stealth spreader bar and hook lock in snugly, with no give in the webbing. The hook also doesn’t pull forward creating a gap between my belly and the hook. It really feels like a solid unit, but the precise fit makes it comfortable for hours. I don’t ever have to come in and re-tighten the straps on a long session.


Here’s a video on the Stealth bar, available with a hook or a rope slider for use in waves:


Flexagon Drytech

The last improvement in the Stealth design that I want to mention is that the rubber compound / design that Mystic are calling Flexagon Drytech on the inside of the harness is bloody brilliant! I had never even thought that my harness being heavily wet through at the end of a session was something that would ever change.

Now you can come in off the water and pretty much throw the Stealth in the back of the car and not worry about whatever is underneath it getting soaked. Simply wipe off any water droplets running down the rubber and that’s it. This is one of those things that you won’t miss until you’ve experienced it. In winter, when it’s more difficult to dry things, or if you have a nice car that you use to transport your kitesurfing gear in, then the Stealth’s drying convenience will be most noticed.



A super-locked in feel that doesn’t compromise your comfort. The Flexagon Drytech material leaves your harness feeling just about as light and dry when you finish a session as it did before you hit the water. That lightweight feel also transfers into how athletic you feel in your riding, too. Very impressive.


For the price you’re paying for hard shell harnesses these days, I’d probably expect a safety knife to be included as standard, rather than an add on.


Visit Mystic:

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