Mystic 2019

Mystic Gem Jalou Harness 2019

The Mystic Fall / Winter 18-19 collection is here – find out what’s new!



Almost the entire full-wetsuit range has been redesigned with new colourways, patterns and features. One of Mystic’s high-end wetsuit, the Majestic, has been updated with three new colour options (navy, dark olive and black) as well as three different zipper options; front-zip, back-zip and zipfree.

The Majestic wetsuits are loaded with features, including 100% M-Flex 2.0 and GBS (Glued Blind Stitched) seams. All fullsuits in the Majestic series are equipped with polar lining – a soft feel interior lining that reflects body heat to help you stay warm for longer as the windchill sets in. 

Mystic’s flagship women’s suit, the Diva, now comes in pink / black and navy / lime with two different zipper options; front-zip and back-zip. The front-zip construction will provide more flex in the upper body for extra freedom of movement whereas the back-zip construction has an easier entry and overhead backup system to prevent water from coming into the suit.


The Majestic X is still top dog in Mystic’s harness collection. It’s built to withstand the toughest conditions and made using the latest innovative technologies. The full carbon bionic core frame is built from high-end materials and Mystic claim it’s the stiffest and lightest hardshell on the market. There’s also the most affordable Majestic which packs similar features but with a lower price tag. 


There are two women’s-specific models in the line-up inspired by Bruna Kajiya and Jalou Langeree who’ve been involved in the R&D process in order to help create the first women’s hardshell harness. 


Besides the on-the-water hardware, Mystic also have a stacked range of board bags geared up to take a beating from even the most heavy-handed of baggage handlers! You’ll also find suitcases and carry-ons in their 2019 product line alongside their updated clothing collection which features threads for everything from sub-zero temps to balmy beach weather.

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