Mid-Season goodness from Naish

2019 Naish Kites

Naish just dropped three new kites

Enter: The Triad, Boxer 2019 and Dash 2019


Whether you want the ultimate foiling machine / light wind weapon, high-end freestyle performance with freeride versatility or simply a kite that puts a smile on your face every session, Naish should be able to cater for your needs with their mid-summer product launch.
It features three kites – the Dash 2019, the Boxer 2019 and the all-new Triad. Check the product videos below and find out what’s good.


Totally new this year, the Triad is an all-terrain freeride kite for the rider who wants to do a bit of everything. We’ve already tested one out and you can read the full review in Kiteworld Issue #98!



DASH 2019

Fast flying, quick turning with punchy power delivery. The Dash is for advanced kiters who want to push their kiteloops and unhooked freestyle / wakestyle riding. We’ve also reviewed the Dash in Kiteworld Issue #98.



BOXER 2019

One of the lightest kites on the market with with dependable low end for foiling and freeriding in marginal conditions.



Check the full Naish Kites line-up at www.naishkites.com

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