Liquid Force Legacy 2016 Review Kiteworld Magazine issue 80

Liquid Force Legacy 139 2016

Liquid Force Legacy 2016 Review Kiteworld Magazine issue 80


The culmination of ten years board development between LF shaper Jimmy Redmond and team rider Jason Slezak, the Legacy is the newest iteration of the long running Influence (and previously Mission), so is highly tweaked!  

Versatility is high on the agenda for Jason, from boosting around choppy Hood River in straps, hitting sliders in the butter flat slicks of Cape Hatteras or slashing small waves at Kite Beach in Maui.

This year a new full carbon strip adds stiffness and a speedier flex response between the rider’s feet, while a carbon weave along the rails add rigidity, speeds up the flex response and reduces weight through less resin use. The increased stiffness through the centre will be a welcome change for performance riders. A more locked-in, less slidey feel, there’s still enough playfulness to press and skid. There’s now just a little more drive and grip through carves. The edging power loads progressively while the pop is a little less abrupt than on a dedicated wakestyle / freestyle board. There’s no doubt you can edge and pop powerfully enough in straps but the Legacy is definitely built tough enough for boots, and performance will only increase with their use.  


Thanks to the concave rails and double concave centre, the Legacy makes light work of chop and doesn’t require huge amounts of leg work. You’ll find grip when riding the board flat, allowing effective use of the base when carving a wave or when lining up a kicker hit. More locked in than last year however, the Legacy still transfers smoothly from rail to rail thanks to the rounded tips and outline. The medium rocker isn’t as pronounced as the full wakestyle Echo, but there’s enough to help smooth out chop without slowing you down.

Raising a few eyebrows, the Legacy’s tips allow you to press through the tail and nose of the board more effectively, Also contributing slightly to the overall reduction in weight. Oddly enough, it feels great to grab the cut outs when tweaking your tricks! 

LF’s straps and pads are normally very good. Although the build quality is high on these Solos, the laces and straps were reasonably tricky to tighten and as a new set pinched a little on the outside our feet. We can’t risk too many sore toes when heavily testing (and these things are so personal), so we used a custom set from SP Boarding that we carry with us to get a proper feel for the board on test. Our feel for the Solo straps in no way represents how we feel about about the quality of the board itself.



Ten years of development shows. If you’re looking for a ‘kite’ specific board (not a sluggish wakeboard) that you can put boots on one day and hit sliders, go boosting in straps and choppy waters the next, and then head to flat water for powered wakestyle, this is a super option, built to last and won’t hold you back.


Heritage, great build quality and more refined flex pattern that makes owning a pro model signature board realistic for a wide range of riders, from bros to pros.


The Solo straps and pads don’t do the board justice, but that’s personal and they’re easily changed!


Build quality: 8.5

Fixtures and fittings: 7

Speed: 7.5

Pop: 8.5

Drive: 7

Flex: 6

Comfort: 7

Looseness: 7

Grip: 6.5

Upwind: 8

Slider proof: Yes

Boots applicable: Yes

Freeriding: 6.5

Freestyle: 8

Ease-of-use: 8.5 (for good riders looking for all round freestyle performance)


Here’s the official 2015 Legacy tech talk from Jason Slezak

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