Liquid Force Hydrofoils 2018

The new LF hydrofoil line-up cruises into view


Images: Vincent Bergeron

Liquid Force pioneered the entry-level freeride foil and they’re keeping the charge heading into 2018. The new line-up features the Happy Foil and the Rocket Foil boards as well as the Happy, Thruster and Rocket V2 foils, just as it did in 2017, but there are some new additions to the range including the Thruster Wing set, Impulse Wings (for both short and long masts), as well as the all new Galaxy Board.



About the Galaxy

 The Galaxy’s precision engineered details offer the high performance characteristics for your hydrofoil. A forgiving outline, combined with  a unique forward placed double concave hull design, allows for easy on water tracking when starting as well as during planned, or even unexpected touchdowns. The beveled rail design aids in heeled over, chop deflection, keeping the board inline with the foil trajectory and the concave deck affords the rider detailed control via the ability to translate foil feedback more rapidly and precisely.

The Galaxy has plenty of options for adjustability too with the use of a track mounting system for dialling in the placement of the foil, a full coverage comfort EVA deckpad complete with kicktail for the strapless rider, and performance tuned insert configuration options for; single strap, inline double straps, or triple strap configurations.

All this in a unique molded lightweight and durable honeycomb carbon construction that is proprietary to Liquid Force.


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