Flysurfer VIRON3

Flysurfer VIRON 3 2019

SLE-style depower, intuitive handling and auto water relaunch

It’s the beginner’s foil kite you never knew you needed


Flysurfer VIRON 3 2019


The VIRON3 is a foil kite with a difference. Unlike Flysurfer’s other wings – like the race winning Sonic FR and the freeride-focused Soul – this is a wing for beginners. If you’re looking for a kite to teach your kids on or something to learn the basics with yourself, the VIRON3 should be on your radar. 

Unlike the older two-line foil kites many of us learnt to kite on, the VIRON3 feels like an SLE with similar flying characteristics and the all-important depower of a tube kite. However, it can also stand up to way more abuse than an SLE (no bladders – no problem) and, unlike the majority of non-inflatable ‘trainer kites’, you can relaunch this from the water. 


Flysurfer VIRON 3 2019





When activated, the B-Safe system reefs the kite along the A-level bridles to bring it down safely with very little remaining pull from the kite. The system can then be easily reset on water, land or snow.


Flysurfer VIRON 3 control system



The kite automatically relaunches with only a slight input from the steering lines and can be parked on the edge of the wind window.


Flysurfer VIRON3



There’s a minimal bridle layout with pulleys on wing each tip to increase bar feedback when steering while the flattening of the leading edge reduces unexpected surges in power as the kite moves across the window.


Flysurfer VIRON 3 2019



The internal construction of the kite allows air to escape during an impact and it’s made using abrasion-resistant materials bonded together with double seams and reinforcements in impact zones to improve durability. It’s also self-inflatable and will keep its shape when turning, which makes it more reactive.


Flysurfer VIRON 3 2019



Openings in the wing tips allow water, sand, snow and dirt to be drained automatically so that the user can relaunch it themselves.


Flysurfer VIRON3


Foil kite fun for all! Find out more at



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