Kiteworld 113 - Tests

Featured kite & board reviews 2021 / 22 in Kiteworld Winter Edition

Kiteworld 113 Tests

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F-One Bandit XV Kite Review

While the Bandit XV is as comfortable as anyone would need, the top end jumping and kite loop performance hasn’t been dumbed down. It’s just right for progressing intermediates and advanced riders. Sporty, with controlled aggression, the power delivery and balance is just a joy to experience.


F-One Bandit XV review - Kiteworld 113


Slingshot RPX V1 Kite Review

We’ve ridden a lot of RPMs. Even in the strongest of winds, the RPM always excelled at making you feel comfortable and confident. It’s quite amazing that Slingshot created one of the most successful handle-passing kites that also offered excellent handling advantages to inexperienced riders.


Slingshot RPX review - Kiteworld 113


Slingshot Formula Board Review

The lightest twin-tip that Slingshot have ever made absolutely delivers when it comes to fun ocean-going, spritely performance.


Slingshot Formula review - Kiteworld 113


Cabrinha H650 Foil Review

Cabrinha team rider Keahi de Aboitiz needs no introduction in the world of kitesurfing and, likely, his surfing and foil surfing reputation is arguably becoming just as strong. The new Cabrinha H-Series of wings are his signature models, available in 650, 800, 1000 and 1200 cm sizes. Matt finish carbon, they’re seductively sleek. As you run your hands over the blade you can’t help but imagine you’re holding a sushi knife.


Cabrinha H650 foil review - Kiteworld 113


North Sense & Sonar Foil Review

On my first run all the sensations I remembered from this set-up last year came rushing back. The Sonar 850 is quite a unique ride in terms of how very steadily it lifts. Combined with the Sense 135, this is a really good set-up for first time foilers, providing probably the easiest rise-up of any foil I’ve ever ridden. All these factors considered, it will be really easy for twin-tippers to adjust to.


North Sense & Sonar foil review - Kiteworld 113


LiP Flo Sunglasses Review

We probably all know that we should be wearing some form of eye protection on the water. In an ocean environment the risk levels are significantly higher for our eyes than on land due to reflections. The LiP Flos look just like a design that you might wear on land, particularly for sports.


LiP Flo Sunglasses review - Kiteworld 113



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