F-One Trax 135 2015

F-One Trax 2015 kiteboard kitesurfing reviews kiteworld magazine

We have been testing the Trax for years and it’s always a board that we look forward to as it offers an uncomplicated ride, and whatever the conditions and wherever we’re testing, the Trax has managed to cope very well. It’s the definition of all-round.

In the last couple of seasons we’ve tested the non-carbon model and have enjoyed the progressive feel, but this time we have the all-out carbon model and it has changed.

F-One Trax 2015 kiteboard kitesurfing reviews kiteworld magazine

F-One Trax 2015 kiteboard kitesurfing reviews kiteworld magazine
Further reinforcements have been added along the rail as lots of riders chose to ride their carbon Trax with boots, which puts unique pressures on carbon twin-tip design, but has clearly been embraced by F-One. The Trax is now meatier in the rail and surely also underfoot, but at its heart it’s still a dynamic ride for freeriders looking for energetic, lively performance. The outline has a great mix of freestyle and freeride about it and it’s really good looking. The central section has a mid-to-higher stiffness while the tip and tail sections are flexible for a progressive ride. Fairly wide in the tips there is serious freestyle intent in the Trax and in that way it has stepped up, but this is still a board that can be ridden all day long without being fatiguing. It’s bang in the middle – great freeride comfort but with lots of speed and lively feel.

The Trax could be a bit more of an acquired taste as it has a progressive feel and, although there is carbon in the Trax, it has been used really well as the Trax doesn’t feel like it’s too stiff and knife-like for the performance category it’s aimed at. Stiffness in the centre with strength and lightness from the carbon is combined with other glass construction that has resulted in an excellent board choice for riders who are looking for a certain high level of freeride and energised freestyle. This isn’t a wakestyle chugger, it’s quick and sharp and likes to be ridden fast. Just be aware if you’re a big lad and riding hard, you might stretch past where it’s meant to go. Ideally we’d have opted for something more like the 136 or 137 for a rider around 80 kilos, but this is a lovely board for riders who don’t want to be limited to just freeriding or freestyling.


140 x 45, 137 x 42, 136 x 40.5, 135 x 39cm

More info at: www.f-onekites.com

Here’s the official Trax product video from F-One

F-ONE Trax Carbon series 2015 from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo.

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