F-One launch the new ‘100% Strapless’ Magnet Carbon Surfboard

F-One Magnet


F-One’s Lightest and Most Robust ‘Surfboard’ Ever Made

F-One believe they’re bringing a revolution to the strapless freestyle world with the new Magnet Carbon board. 100% dedicated to strapless kiteboarding, the Magnet is the lightest and most robust ‘surfboard’ ever made:



Here’s the skinny on the Magnum from F-One:

Ultra Light and Extremely Resistant, the Magnet has exclusive Slim Tech Carbon Custom technology and immediately improves your riding skills. Jump higher and land all the strapless tricks immediately that you have been training on for months!


  • 2.3 KG! The lightest kite strapless board ever built
  • Finally, a technology able to resist the most extreme tricks
  • Sticks to your feet throughout the whole jump
  • Huge comfort and control thanks to its exclusive slim profile
  • Immediately improves your riding skills


Find out more: f-one.world

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