F-One Bullit Launched – Liam Whaley’s KOTA Winning Kite?

F-One Bullit kite

Word on the beach in Cape Town is that Liam Whaley is fast becoming the bookie’s favourite to win the Red Bull King of the Air in a couple of weeks time. The Spaniard has been seen training on a new kite and we’ve just received this press release (below) from F-One about the Bullit (interesting spelling – but perhaps it refers to being ‘lit’!).

Liam reckons: “The Bullit is the perfect combination of my two favourite kites. It gives me the direct aggressive feeling of the WTF and the height and hang time of the bandit. The Bullit is my secret weapon for KOTA!”

F-One Bullit kite

F-One Bullit PR
The Megaloop Weapon is born. 

The BULLIT offers total control in every loop and will give you the confidence to send your moves. Precise steering response, ultra fast turning and insane power. 

After months of development, F-ONE is proud to announce the newest kite in the range; the BULLIT is the ultimate kite to boost high and send the megaloops you’ve been dreaming of. 

Liam Whaley F-One Bullit

Liam Whaley in Cape Town this week


Find out much more on the F-One website here


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