Eleveight XS V2 – Breaking Big Air boundaries

The all-new Eleveight XS v2

Breaking Big Air boundaries, the Eleveight XS V2 has an extreme boost that takes even the most demanding adrenaline addicts to new levels


Eleveight says:

It’s time to think BIG and the new XS will rocket you to the moon breaking new boundaries in Big Air. Created for the needs of adrenalin junkies wanting a weapon to hit full send, the XS delivers raw power to the most extreme radical moves. The XS is as grunty as it gets due to the sophisticated delta hybrid design with a high aspect ratio. The new span specifics also deliver an increased massive Angle of Attack balancing the power and handling. Efficiency and hangtime have been enhanced by a flatter arc, and riders will also notice more direct turning and bar feedback, as well as a reduced bar pressure feel.  Intuitive to steer and extremely responsive, you’ll perfect your timing for takeoff ready to fly. This kite is a tool for hardcore riders and Arthur Guillebert’s weapon of choice chasing storms.  Commit to pulling your backhand, sheet in, pop, and you are catapulted into the sky with a forward momentum that delivers the most powerful megaloops.

In Kiteworld issue #109 we catch up with Eleveight kite designer  Peter Stiewe to discuss the development cycle of this ground breaking kite model. You can read the full article in by clicking here.

Kiteworld Issue 109

Find out more about the Eleveight XS V2 here


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