Duotone MONO 2019

Duotone Mono 2019

The new version of Duotone’s entry-level freeride and foiling kite is out now

Read on to learn more about the MONO


Duotone Mono 2019


The Duotone MONO is light, simple and has been redesigned from the ground up for 2019. It’s a super versatile one-strut all-rounder with accessible handling for entry level kiters, foiling and freeride twin-tipping!

The new MONO has a radically lower aspect ratio and wider tips than in the past. That makes the arc of the leading edge flatter giving a higher projected area for every size. The result is super easy water relaunch, quick, easy turning and dependable drift and stability in the air. 


Ken Winner designs the MONO. Here’s what he has to say about it: 

“The biggest challenge these days lies in making a kite both durable and light. Low weight, easy turn initiation, easy turn completion, easy relaunch in light wind, the ability to hang underpowered in the air and a forgiving bar feel are the qualities that we find most important for foilers. Most of those qualities are also important for surf riders and entry level riders, so the MONO still works for them.”


Duotone Mono 2019 - Ken Winner


Jeremie Tronet, one of Duotone’s most well-rounded riders, is also a big fan of the new Mono.

“I have primarily used the MONO for my foiling sessions. The recent improvements on the kite have made the MONO the perfect light wind kite for foiling with good hangtime and lift in the jumps, and it also performs nicely in the waves.”


Duotone Mono 2019 - Jeremie Tronet


Watch the kite in action below




Get more MONO > www.duotonesports.com/mono

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