Duotone Jaime Textreme 2020


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“There’s seemingly a bigger surface area connecting with the water, but not in a way that feels draining on the legs; in a way that makes you feel like the sweet spot for riding in control is huge. ”

Tested by: Chris Bull and Jim Gaunt. 

Duotone Jaime Textreme 2020


The Duotone Jaime was one of the first boards that the design team ever produced way back at the turn of the century. Over the years it has evolved with the latest twin-tip construction techniques and materials, but has always retained its reputation as a board that can do almost anything, yet remains accessible to all. For the last three seasons the Jaime has been given the Textreme carbon treatment and is truly a board that we always look forward to riding, whatever the weather.

Graphically there has been an upgrade on the 2019 edition, but in terms of technical adaptation, modifications remain minor and incremental. Year on year we see a tweak here and there, but this continues to be one of the most consistent models on the market.


Why do we like it so much? The majority of our excitement comes from the way the board feels and interacts with the water. After riding other boards and then immediately stepping onto this, the comfort and softness in what is a high performing board is instantly recognisable. Although Duotone state that the Jaime is in the medium-to-hard category for stiffness, there’s absolutely nothing jarring about the ride. The careful use of Textreme and biax 45 degree carbon allows the Jaime to have enough stiffness to pick up speed really quickly, but then delivers this chocolatey smooth riding sensation that’s very kind to your knees, however bad the chop.

Rather than feeling like the board is gunning rat-a-tat-tat across the water’s choppy peaks, the Jaime seems to react to the shape of the water’s surface, morphing and flexing with the terrain. Essentially what we’re describing is a really adaptable and capable flex.

There’s seemingly a bigger surface area connecting with the water, but not in a way that feels draining on the legs; in a way that makes you feel like the sweet spot for riding in control is huge. It’s like the whole board is always very connected to the sea without feeling sticky.


Coming off a really sporty freestyle board, the first runs on the Jaime can feel a bit soft, but then ten minutes later you’ll appreciate the talk-back feel, especially through your back foot. This is the most fluid and carvey board we’ve tested this year in terms of that back foot sensation and controlled drive. The Jaime stays with you, no matter how quickly you power into a turn. It never skips out.

If you switch to toeside, power the kite and think, ‘right, I’m going to make some rainbows now’, the Jaime lets you carve very hard and fast, pushing as much as you can through your back heel. Every board has a point at which it can’t hold the drive any more. Most get three quarters of the way round, but this always goes all the way through your 180 turn, hard, fast and rewarding.

Finish your turns with beautiful carving grip, putting some focus on your back foot and then let the board drive out of the turn rather than just edge checking and bringing you to a stop. Considering the board is comfortable and quite mellow for a freestyle board, it has great drive. The Jaime isn’t the fastest board, but it’s smooth, measured and quick enough to be a lot of fun.

Duotone Jaime Textreme


You can achieve all sorts of moves in one session. Ride slowly, just enjoying the way the board feels as you try out different edging techniques. There’s also more than enough performance for good amounts of pop with a playful and comfortable feel. If you want to chill and practice your front rolls, back rolls and carves, you’ll appreciate the Jaime’s light weight benefits. However, in an instant you can go from riding slow and steady, to diving the kite hard and charging towards a ramp. You can of course do this on all boards, but the transition between the gears is very smooth and intuitive. Like tiptronic gears (if you’re a boy/girl racer!)

We tested the 136 last year and, on balance, we’d probably now go for the 139 as it doesn’t feel too big in strong winds and delivers a bit more stable performance in lighter winds. It’s not as racy as some boards, but you can speed into waves, pull big kite loops, land fast straight downwind and, although this isn’t a thick and robust deck for boots, there’s instant grip even when the board’s landed flat. So many riders will appreciate that, even off little chop hops as you don’t have to rely exclusively on the rail for grip and assurance.


The Duotone Jaime’s light weight and, as well as having Textreme carbon and 45 degree biax carbon, also comes with 5cm carbon fins. Once again, a double concave shape in the base reveals just part of the reason why this board is so comfortable. The outline has freestyle DNA while the rocker ensures more comfort. The channelling in the tips manages the comfort levels when you push hard on your back foot.


So much of your riding comfort and joy can come from a good set of pads / straps.  A lot of thought and attention has gone into the NTT (Entity) system. A unique studded strap replaces the usual Velcro fastening, resulting in no slippage. A lot of foot straps open up a bit after several hard manoeuvres, whereas these combine a useful, unique and precisely fitting alternative to Velcro.

The foot pad combines with the strap to deliver softness and a feel of secured grip that moulds to the shape of your foot. You can slide your foot in easily but at the same time enjoy an immediately snug fit and locked-in support. To get that feeling from generic foot straps you fight between them being too tight and too loose. These can feel loose enough for board-offs, but also great for doing more higher powered moves. No need to sacrifice your power moves just because you’re having a board-off session. Loads of stance options and manoeuvrability in the track system, too.

Duotone NTT (Entity) system


A pure foot strap board, the Jaime excels in all freeriding terrain and is capable of delivering all the freestyle performance levels that 95% of riders will ever need. All that, plus it’s very comfortable, complete with awesome pads and straps, is light weight and corners like a Formula One car.

Comfort mixed with precision, pop control and the reassurance of high speed cornering capability.

Focussed freestylers may want a board more suited to boots, or something a bit less sucky with a harder bite and stiffness.


Build quality: 8.5
Fixtures and fittings: 9.5
Speed: 7.5
Pop: 7.5
Drive: 8
Flex: 7
Comfort: 9
Looseness: 5
Grip: 8
Upwind: 8
Slider proof: NA
Boots applicable: NO
Freeriding: 9
Freestyle: 7.5
Ease of use: 9

SIZES: 142 x 43, 139 x 42, 136 x 41 and 133 x 40cm




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