Duotone Capa 2020

Capa 2020 Product Shoot


Duotone Capa 2020


Duotone have unveiled their new foil kite for 2020, the Capa. Designed from the ground up to compliment the low drag feel of a hydrofoil, the Capa has a huge range so that once you’re up on the foil it does everything it can to match the efficiency of the board underneath your feet. 


Capa 2020 Product Shoot


Kari Eisenhut, using his expertise in paragliding design, has used bridles to enable a flat arc. Flatter wings are more efficient (that’s physics for you!), meaning the actual kite size can be smaller and therefore lighter. The result is a playful foil kite that launches and relaunches like no other whilst providing the performance desired by commited foilers.

 Capa 2020 Product Shoot 

Here’s what Kari says about the design process:

The development, accessibility and popularity of hydrofoiling has played a part in the inspiration behind my vision for the 2020 Duotone CAPA.

When compared to riding a twintip or surfboard, hydrofoiling not only offers a completely new sensation, but the physics behind functionality and performance is dramatically different – such as the <50% decrease in drag. So as a designer looking to enhance the performance of this discipline I had two options.

1) Adapt my style of hydrofoiling to a high-drag tube kite.

2) Adapt the function of the foil kite to a low-drag hydrofoil.

As the leader of ADVANCE paragliding R&D Team and a hydrofoiling addict, I came to the conclusion that option two was the only solution. Working with our Head Engineer from ADVANCE, we developed the CAPA; a specific and highly advanced design that blends aerodynamic performance features from both kite and paragliding design in order to deliver a foil-specific design to complement the 2020 Duotone line of kites.


For more about Kari’s design process: Duotonesports.com

And watch the product video here:

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