CrazyFly Shox 136 2014

CrazyFly Shox 2014


The Shox is CrazyFly’s most comfortable board and features a double U concave bottom. Designed with a soft to medium flex for super smooth performance, the Shox still provides incredible pop and upwind performance. The ‘Green’ model is produced with almost zero waste in production. Taking more time to produce, new technologies and needing more hand work, it’s the most environmentally friendly option CrazyFly could produce.

CrazyFly Shox 2014



Green construction and green on the eyes! This isn’t a sickly green though, it’s just outstanding and has a lovely wood effect through the glass rather than just having a plastic top sheet. The build quality of CrazyFlys are always first rate, including their rail profiles. The Shox rail is thin at the tip progressing to a thicker, smoother, rounded rail in the middle of the board. The Dura pads and straps on the Shox are a little simpler than the SEC system on the Bulldozer (which we reviewed last issue), but we actually prefer this more traditional system on the Shox and suits a regular to wider foot (rather than long and thin). Simple and traditional Velcro closure, they envelope the foot nicely and press your foot comfortably into the pad which is really well defined, especially for your toe grip. We never once thought about whether they were working or not, which is a great testament.

The only criticism we have of the set-up is that CrazyFly provide very thin coarse thread screws for the fins that are stiff to screw in and require a very narrow head Phillips head screwdriver, making is quite a job to get enough purchase to screw them in easily. The result however is that the fins must be some of the finest profiles supplied for the twin-tip market.

The outline of the Shox leans more towards freestyle performance in looks and shape and the board is pleasingly light. A flatter rocker than most other boards this issue, you can feel some flatness under foot, but the Shox retains enough comfort to be able to ride all day long without getting rattled around. Nice and quickly up to speed and maintaining good velocity there’s just enough shape in the base for a bit of rider comfort which, balanced with the stiffness and speed, provides loads of energy for smashing out any sort of tricks. Going rail to rail and turning required just a little more effort than the more beginner shaped boards in this review, but still not too physical. When you lock that rail in, it really sinks in and bites and doesn’t need much maintenance from the rider at speed. It’s fast and easily poised. The fat edge in the middle likes to be loaded. On carves and jumps you can feel it really giving back to your back foot. There’s a definite sweet spot and when you edge it right it feels fantastic and very rewarding.

In the air the swing weight is lovely, adding energy to your ride. On landings there’s just enough double concave to soften things up a bit, but it’s a very light concave, resulting in a nice compromise between performance and comfort.


The Shox sits at the performance end of the comfort spectrum and is a damn fine freestyle / freeride twin-tip. Keen intermediates and upwards will really enjoy this.


The sweet shape and build quality with energetic but not wearing performance in a range of conditions.


The thin screws for the fins take more effort than is necessary, on first use anyway. They will ease up when you come to using them later for travel.


Build quality: 8
Fixtures and fittings: 7.5 (Great, let down by the screws)
Speed: 7.5
Pop: 7.5
Upwind: 8
Slider proof: N/A
Freeriding: 7.5
Freestyle: 7.5
Ease-of-use: 8

SIZES: 136 x 41, 133 x 43 and 132 x 41cm

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