CrazyFly Cruz 690

Foil from CrazyFly Cruz 690



CrazyFly’s New 2020 Cruz Foil


CrazyFly, who are low-key masters of carbon and steel, have unveiled their new ‘Cruz’ foil. It’s low aspect, super stable and makes turns + maneuvers as easy as they can be.



Foil from CrazyFly Cruz 690


Here’s what CrazyFly have got to say:


Building on our extensive knowledge and over twenty years of experience in working with carbon and stainless steel components, we are proud to introduce a brand new Cruz foil.

The Cruz 690 is an easy to use accessible allround foil for intermediate riders and riders looking to get into foiling. Progressing to the next foil levels is a joy on this foil. The Cruz 690 is a lower aspect ratio wing with high lift in low speeds and medium top speed levels. It offers great directional stability and is playful in maneuvers. A true freeride allrounder.


Clean connect

The baseplate to mast connection and fuselage to mast connection are using a very simple and innovative solution. We eliminated the traditional pocket connections and opted for a clean flat surface to flat surface bond. There is absolutely no vibrations nor movement, as production tolerances are completely out of the equation here. The strength and rigidity of this clean connection create a feeling of a one piece foil construction.


Injected Carbon wings

The Cruz 690 front wing and rear wing are made with the latest injection molded carbon technology. Injected carbon is an innovative polymer mixed with carbon fibers spread in multiple directions. It is very light and extremely strong. Stronger than steel for long lasting durability of the wings. This technology allows for very high hydrodynamic efficient shapes, reduces drag and increases speed.


Aircraft grade alloys

The Cruz foil mast is aircraft quality, high strength aluminium alloy with hard anodized surface treatment. This technology is second to none. The fuselage and mast base plate alloys are mixed with titanium for ultimate strength. There is absolutely no question about the precision of these parts and their durability in salt water conditions. They are made to last.


Cruz 690 set includes:

  • Cruz Mast 90 or 70cm
  • Cruz 690 Front Wing
  • Cruz 220 Rear Wing
  • Cruz 69 Fuselage
  • Cruz Base Plate

Weight: 3.5 kg



Foil from CrazyFly Cruz 690


If you want to know more, we interviewed CF’s Juraj Bukovcak (see issue #103!) about the carbon injection process, what’s so unique about it and how they’re greening up their production processes in their own factory, which is in Slovakia, Europe.



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