CrazyFly 2020 range

crazyfly 2020 release

Just released: the CrazyFly 2020 collection

Here’s the CrazyFly Hyper 2020  – Posito’s big air kite that he uses in the King Of The Air

The CrazyFly Sculp 2020 – a great choice for a bigger rider who wants to go huge

Next are the two Raptor boards, the Raptor 2020 and the Raptor LTD (the full carbon version)

and their 2020 foil range, featuring two boards, the F-lite and the Chill + three wings.

CrazyFly products are designed and manufactured in Europe in their custom built factory that is specific to Kite products. They’re the only brand to do this and they boast some of the most eco-friendly kite production on earth. Not bad, eh?

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