Core Release New Section 3 Pure Wave Kite

Core Section 3 new kite design

A pure wave kite from Core’s Specialized Series

Coming just a few weeks after the release of Core’s first dedicated SLE foil kite – the X-Lite, the new Section 3 delivers increased range and adjustability from the previous model to give you more control and options for your set-up, featuring new onshore, offshore and all-round wind settings.


SECTION 3 – SURF WITH CONFIDENCE from CORE Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

What are the CIT Modes?

Core Section 3 CIT modes

The new ‘Core Intelligent Trimming’ modes can calibrate the Section 3 according to the wind direction via three, anti-snag bridle attachment points. The onshore setting sits the kite deeper in the wind window, giving more grunt and better drift.
The offshore setting sits the kite further forward in the wind window, giving it higher depower and faster forward speed. So having the gear to let you ride in the pocket like Willow is as easy as moving a loop… (and investing a few thousand hours of on-the-water time). 

Core Section 3 CIT modes

One size does not fit all.

Designer Frank Ilfrich has tuned each kite size, making small changes to every size to compensate for the change in dynamic size. Core assure us that all ten kite sizes have been custom-tuned to perfection.

Wave riding with a big kite? 

Some spots have the cleanest waves but very little wind, like Rob Kidnie’s spot in Bali, Indonesia. His go-to kite is the 13.5m Section 3 because he needs the extra power to get out to the break in Canggu. If you experience similar conditions, the Section 3 LW allows you to go out there and have fun because the bigger sizes feel much smaller then you’d imagine.

Core Section 3 wave kite release

Willow River-Tonkin putting the 12m to serious use! / Photo: Thomas Burblies


Find many more details on the Section 3 design and details here


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