Kiteworld summer issue 2021

Cabrinha Moto & Switchblade, CrazyFly Infinity and Duotone Neo SLS Reviews

Kite tests in Kiteworld Magazine 2021

More key players get worked by the KW team in the new Summer print issue – find our summary highlight verdicts below! 

– Cabrinha’s 00 (2021) product range that launched in February is hot. In the summer 2021 issue we contrast the Moto and Switchblade.
– CrazyFly’s Infinity foil kite set us free in some very light winds in recent months.
– The irrepressible Duotone Neo has had an SLS make-over. Find out how much difference that has made.


Cabrinha Moto 2021 review

Despite its lean years on the market, the Moto is already tasting with the maturity of a finely aged wine. This isn’t meant to be a beginners’ kite – it’s a high performance freeride kite that does a lot of jobs and they’ve got this absolutely bang on for complete all round performance. In fact, the Moto achieved a perfect 10 points when we scored the ‘Crossover’ category!

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Cabrinha Switchblade 2021 review

You’ll come off the Moto thinking, ‘That’s the kite for me!’, but then Cabrinha go and make the 01 Switchblade more manageable in stronger wind conditions for more riders! Still solid as a rock, the Switchblade’s latest year of tuning has seen more accessible high performance levels further open up to lighter and averagely weighted riders. You still need some edging technique when you reach the kite’s top end, but the beautiful forward drive of the Switchblade now really complements the refreshed and updated Cabrinha range as a whole. Low to mid range, still anyone could enjoy this kite. Tried and tested. You’re not gambling when you put your money on the table for one of these.

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CrazyFly Infinity kite review

Genuine 12 knot performance that’s easy to achieve and feel good about your riding skills. The top end is also very manageable too… which results in excellent value from one kite. Whether you’re riding in 12 knots or pushing towards 20 and making use of the very extensive throw, the Infinity gives a brilliant sense of comfort. Loads of sheeting power mixed with responsive handling and turns that never result in rough doses of power, no matter how hard you handle the kite.

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Duotone Neo SLS review

When foilers and wave riders move aggressively towards the Neo SLS’s pull with dynamic speed and energy, the kite matches them without sweat, handling with crisp precision and mixing automatic drift with turning response and tight loops. The tightness of the turn with grip and feel throughout, combined with the way the kite climbs positively up through the window after a downloop, is where the Neo SLS shines.

The Neo is still one of the more powerful wave kites, but steers remarkably well with more than half the depower trim applied through the highly spec’d Click bar.

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Also in the summer print issue: highlights of the standout items we’ve tested and published reviews of online since the last print issue – click here for more info and to order!

Kiteworld Summer issue 2021

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