Cabrinha launches their latest 02 range

Cabrinha 02 Range

Cabrinha 02 media release 19th January 2022

The all-new Cabrinha 02 collection has arrived and it’s ready and raring to get you on the water this year. With a complete new range of Kites, Twin Tips and Wings, there’s something for everyone.

There are some of the key products from this range launch 

FX2 – Combining 2 personalities into one freshly redesigned kite packed full with performance

With a nod to its heritage, but with a completely updated design we have been able to push the performance of the FX2 further into the big air realm.  Fast powerful loops with the ability to catch you on the way down.  Height and hang time that this kite has not seen before.    We have created a progressive modern flying machine that will take you to all new levels. 

Cabrinha FX2

Mantis  V2 wing – Available with or without windows

The original Mantis set a benchmark with regards to leading edge rigidity, and this year it has been even further refined, culminating in an ultra-rigid frame and also refined profile. Combined with a pretensioned canopy, this gives a crisp high performing product that maintains its performance through a wider range of conditions.

Cabrinha Mantis v2

Source Foostrap – The most complete connection Cabrinha have ever created

The source binding has been engineered from the ground up to give riders the ultimate connection to their board. At the heart of every rider’s kitesurf experience, the source puts comfort, control and performance into one ergonomicly snug-fitting system.

Cabrinha Source footstraps

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