Airush apex jump

Airush Apex 138 Test Review

Apex twin tip

Built to ride fast, handle loads of power and take you into the skies




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The Apex features a print on the rail that says ‘Designed in Cape Town’. The Apex has been developed in a place that demands performance and quality, which is evident as soon as you pick it up.




Of medium weight, that positive swing weight feels comfortable when riding in stronger winds, giving you a sense of control, especially in the air. Uniformly stiff throughout, a quite flat rocker-line helps the Apex get up to speed very quickly, but what we really enjoyed was the fact that the Apex is able to hold lots of grip because more of the rail remains in contact with the water than many freeride shapes. Good riders will find calm control even when the wind is the complete opposite. Once locked in, you’ll never lose grip or slip out and because there’s grip from your front foot all the way to the tail. As such, there’s less of a sense of your back leg tiring in strong winds, meaning you can continue to ride full throttle at upcoming kickers, tensioning your kite lines up to the max.

That centralised and balanced stance allows more of the board to effectively drive against your kite – and pairing this up with a quick, powerful, big air kite is a dream. It also hoons upwind as a result of being stiff throughout. You can be forceful with the Apex – it won’t get knocked out of shape and, despite being very easy to lock the rail in for bite, it’s not very difficult to break the fins free when you want to slide the tail round. So there’s some playfulness, but to ride the Apex fast takes a more technical riding ability to deal with lumps and bumps than something like the Vector, which is softer in the tips and has more rocker.


Airush Apex



There is a price to pay for all this speed, grip and performance. The Apex has a very light single concave which stops the board banging and vibrating in the water, but it’s not total shock-absorber suspension. Faster and more purposeful than most boards we tested this season, this is a board to go fast and jump high on. It cuts through the water super well and consequently you have a good connection with the water that’s direct without being uncomfortable. Heelside carves are pretty good but the straighter rocker means that eventually the Apex will start to drift if you try to carve super hard with it. The Apex is better at digging the rail in and going fast than boards with more rocker that will suck up the turn. It’s a matter of preference.



The Airush / AK Durable Supply Co straps are nothing short of a masterpiece. Lots of adjustment and quite possibly the grippiest on the market – so much so that they actually make board-offs a bit tricky! You have to remind yourself to wiggle your way out of them before you need to, but the benefits of extra grip with comfort are outstanding.

In lighter winds the Apex will be a solid freestyle board and happy to be ridden in boots because it releases very well and has lots of pop. Perhaps it would benefit from a bit more flex in the tips for a more pure carvey wake style, though.


Apex twin tip



Oozing performance and quality, this is a twin-tip with intent; built to ride fast, handle loads of power and take you into the skies. Intermediates will appreciate the upwind ability of the Apex, but would probably prefer a bit more comfort.

Dependable rail hold when you need it the most.

KW WOULD CHANGE: Some riders will prefer the lighter, more forgiving, Vector.

Build quality: 9
Fixtures and fittings: 10
Speed: 8.5- set up to be ridden quick and isn’t technical to ride Pop: 7
Drive: 8.5
Flex: 6
Comfort: 7.5
Looseness: 5.5
Grip: 9
Upwind: 8.5
Slider proof: No
Boots applicable: Yes
Freeriding: 8
Freestyle: 8
Ease of use: 8

SIZES: 140 x 43, 138 x 42 and 135 x 41cm



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Free issue of Kiteworld 104 and 2020 Travel Guide CLICK HERE TO GET THIS NEW ISSUE AND OUR 2020 TRAVEL GUIDE FOR FREE!

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