2020 Eleveight Foil Range

Eleveight just released their 2020 Foil Range video – Carve the light

Eleveight have announced the HCS+ and the HCS foils alongside their Carvair board. The HCS+ foil was designed with fast progression in mind – it’s slightly larger and has a lower aspect ratio, meaning that it’s slower and more predictable under foot. This makes for a safer learning experience, aided by the slightly shorter 60cm mast.

The HCS foil is their racier offering, which is tailored towards a more performance orientated foiling experience with a medium aspect ratio and an 85cm mast.

The Carvair board has been made to work seamlessly with both foils using the easy 4×4 track mount system. The board has a slight rocker to help prevent the classic nose-dive and is smaller than you might expect, at 4’3″, which makes it super easy and maneuverable. 

Both foils are carbon composites and include a travel bag to prevent damage in transit.

For more details follow this link to the Eleveight site: https://www.eleveightkites.com/products/foil

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