2018 North Select review

2018 North Select review

High-class carbon for twintip riders who want to do anything and go anywhere


Please note: the design and management team that produced this North product are now producing as Duotone Sports

2018 North Select review



Last issue we tested the North Jaime Textreme and likened it to a Golf GTI: you can drive it to the shops, park it in tight spaces, take care of the day-to-day missions but equally hold sure round corners and blast comfortably at 120 down the motorway without any wild moments. In terms of the effort need to put in for high rewards, it’s right up there. It’s a modern classic. If the Select was a car, it would be something more executive, no slouch but built for total comfort with a drinks cabinet in the back to entertain guests and when cornering the grip will be so smooth that you won’t spill your drinks. 

In terms of pure freeride quality, the Select is pretty much as good as it gets. The carbon is obviously well engineered to keep the board very light, but doesn’t impact the flex. Although the Select is pretty quick, it’s very comfortable. The Select doesn’t rev as highly as the Jaime Textreme, it’s not built for 0 – 60 mph records and doesn’t have such tight suspension. It’s all about fluidity and great control even in the toughest conditions and comfort. 



There’s nothing you can’t do on the Select, but if you’re a naturally energetic or more explosive rider you’ll be better suited to the Jaime Textreme that has a stiffer popping sensation. The Select is less tightly wound but is still capable of load and pop performance but is less aggressive in feel. If your sessions are fewer and further between and you want a board that’s super easy to ride, is uncomplicated but comfortably capable and looks the absolute nuts, then the Select is for you.  

The NTT pads and straps are easily within the top one or two systems on the market for locked-in comfort. A new addition this year are the stud / hole fastenings on the straps, giving loads of adjustment but zero slip once you’ve locked them down. The pads and straps themselves are incredibly adjustable in terms of strap width and positioning up and down the foot, while the sliding track allows pin point accuracy for your stance width and foot angle. 


Suiting the rider who wants a light weight twin-tip for blasting around on the weekend when it’s time to let loose, the Select is the ideal companion. Untiring, attentive, well mannered, obedient and adaptable, it’s always on-hand to flatter your skills when you need it, too. 


Silky smooth ride and masterful control in difficult conditions. 


Athletic riders should look towards the Jaime Textreme. 



Build quality: 8.5
Fixtures and fittings: 9
Speed: 6
Pop: 6
Drive: 6.5
Flex: 7
Comfort: 8.5
Looseness: 6.5
Grip: 7.5
Upwind: 7.5 
Slider proof: No
Boots applicable: No
Freeriding: 8.5
Freestyle: 6   
Ease-of-use: 8.5

SIZES: 141 x 42, 138 x 41, 135 x 40 and 132 x 39cm



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