2018 Nobile NHP Split review

2018 Nobile Split NHP review

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2018 Nobile Split NHP review




2018 Nobile Split NHP review


Four generations down the line with their W-connection technology and, once again, this NHP is a quality product, built to last with a wood core and tough snowboard construction. 

Since Nobile’s first split board we have always been impressed with the quality and strength of the join when it comes to flex strength and comfortable performance. Splitting the board and re-joining it back together is quick and easy with just a pull pin technique. The ‘Kiss’ fins also don’t require a screwdriver to fit as they can be hand screwed with the Kiss tab, as can the foot straps, (though we opted for the screwdriver screws for the foot straps as we had the option of a screwdriver to hand and there’s less of a squeeze to turn the screw). The use of the SP Boarding ratchet tightening foot straps was a nice touch on the model we tested. They offer only one plane of adjustment over your foot, but you can adjust them easily with one hand (useful when you’ve got your kite in the air, or while you’re riding on the water). Nobile’s velcro IFS straps are also available, too.


2018 Nobile Split NHP review


Work has been done on the durability of the connection while the weight has been further reduced and there’s more stiffness. This 2018 model is a very complete feeling freeride twin-tip and in fact it’s the handling that stands out above the obvious practicality first and foremost.  

Tweaks to the concave and tip channels in the base make for a lovely clean bite that works well alongside some decent stiffness for performance. The board isn’t overly fast but carries a pleasing natural speed and feels on constant alert. Seemingly you’re always at the right pace for what you want to do – whether it’s carving sharply to pop, or applying a little back foot pressure to point more upwind while still maintaining drive. No doubt the highlights are the connected ride feel and excellent freeride pop take-off performance. 

Reacting quickly to input the split is mid-weight, so benefits from a positive swing weight once you’re in the air. Perhaps heavy riders will find that the NHP doesn’t drive through landings as well some, however the vast majority of people honestly won’t even come close to testing the landing limits of this board. 

Finally, the asymmetrical design means that the toe-side rail is shorter, so you benefit from a longer heel-side rail for going upwind, while for carving the toe-side rail requires less exertion through your toes to get lots of grip and bite. It’s an absolute joy for carving and benefits from a rocker line that adds easy performance.   



The NHP is super tidy and will be hard for anyone to tell it’s not a one piece board. Coming with a special bag, commuting and airport travel is easy. The 138 feels very tight and tuned. Big enough to get going quickly and also manages things easily when the kite is sending down lots of power. The added benefit of superb carving with the more compact toe-side rail is another standout.



The NHP ticks so many boxes and is perfectly paced for freeride action. 



For frequent heavy landings the carbon model will be worth trying. However, the NHP split is a freeride board, not a full-on freestyle board. 



Build quality: 8

Fixtures and fittings: 7.5

Speed: 7

Pop: 7

Drive: 7

Flex: 6.5

Comfort: 7

Looseness: 6

Grip: 7.5

Upwind: 7.5 

Slider proof: No

Boots applicable: No

Freeriding: 8.5

Freestyle: 6.5    

Ease-of-use: 8


SIZES: 138 x 43, 134 x 41 and 130 x 39cm



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