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Jalou Langeree mid heat at the GKA Kite World Cup Mauritius


See how flexible body positions can transform your wave riding


Words: Jim Gaunt
Photos: Ydwer van der Heide 
Thursday 26th September, 2019

The GKA Kite World Cup Mauritius delivered mind-blowing action in both the Freestyle and Kite-Surf wave disciplines that ran at the Heritage Bel Ombre lagoon and reef just a couple of weeks ago.

More than 90 riders competed throughout ten action-packed days and the performance levels were incredible. In this gallery, we’ve zoomed in closer to the action, taking advantage of photographer Ydwer van der Heide’s high resolution action shots to bring you an extra perspective on just how fluid and flexible the top level kite-surfers are. 



Have a look at some of the body positions that the GKA’s top Kite-Surf riders use to maintain speed and motion, which also helps them remain in the critical part of the wave. 

Do you bend and flex your legs as much when you ride? Next time you’re on the water, keep these shots in mind and really try to exaggerate your leg movement; get low and go with the flow! Your balance will improve and you’ll find that you have way more power to exert over your board… 


The GKA Kite World Cup Mauritius was hosted by the Heritage C-Beach Club and Kite Globing. You can find the details of the whole event, including details heat-by-heat breakdowns on the GKA website.

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