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Zephyr Kite Tours

Zephyr operate kite tours in some of the world’s most exotic and remote kiteboarding locations. Primarily known for their kitesurfing operations in the Cocos Keeling Islands, an area nobody knows better than Zephyr, they also run trips to New Caledonia and the islands of Torres Strait as well as advanced coaching clinics on everything from foils to surfboards and twin-tips.



27 islands form a ring around a central lagoon and this is an undeveloped paradise with only two of the islands inhabited by people and just 800 people living there full time. You’ll find limitless space to learn and progress and riders of all levels will be challenged by the coaches to ensure they get the most out of their trip.

The waters of the Cocos Keeling Islands are very beginner-friendly in many areas as the conditions aren’t too severe and you’ll usually be in standing-depth water which makes relaunching and getting back to your board all the more easy. The wind is super-reliable too as the island chain sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean so it’s perfectly set up for the winter trade winds, getting a steady 20 knots most days in the austral winter (summer in the northern hemisphere). Whether you’re riding upwind through turquoise lagoons to a deserted island before cruising back downwind or working on your latest freestyle trick, this is pretty much kiteboarding heaven. A kite is the ultimate way to explore this paradise as it allows you to get to some of the upwind islands on the Cocos Keeling chain that are otherwise quite difficult to access.




Zephyr are the only tour company with a permit to guide groups through the Torres Strait that separates mainland Australia from Papua New Guinea. These small, exclusive tours are limited to just eight guests on which you’ll explore the islands that dot the Strait, including Yorke Island, Kadal Island and the other adjoining islets.

During your stay you’ll be based out of the luxury Gubaou Mari resort and will circumnavigate around islands and kite at the best conditions for the day with an expert instructor who is on-hand at all times to guide and coach the group. The coaches are also available for one-to-one sessions throughout the trip if there’s an area of riding you want to improve, so you’ll be boosting over islands before you know it!




On Zephyr’s New Caledonia trips, local legend and founder of ‘New Cal style’, Tom Hebert, guides the group on a 43 foot catamaran. During the seven day adventure you’ll take in the local hotspots as well as a few hidden spots that only a true local could take you to. Shred the lagoons, explore the reefs and sandbars, ride until sunset and then get up and do it all again the next day.

The trip is fully catered and freshly caught tuna is served for dinner while you relax and watch the sun set at the end of another epic day in New Cal.




Zephyr’s clinics take place in Cocos Lagoon, lasting for seven days with daily coaching, lessons and adventures. You’ll be guided to the best spots everyday and the Zephyr training team will help you develop all areas of your riding.

The coaches will instruct you using the latest radio helmet technology while following you around the lagoon in the rescue boat or on a kite themselves. It’s a great way to advance your riding whether you’re trying to stay up on the foil, learn some new unhooked tricks or perfect your top turn on the waves that rear up out on Turks Reef.

Zephyr also run guided SUP tours around the islands and freediving camps where you’ll be coached by four time Australian free diving record holder, Paddy Stern, on breath holding techniques while checking out what lurks beneath the waters of Cocos Lagoon.



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