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Pete Cabrinha, surfer, big waves, kitesurfing, pioneer, Hawaii

Taken from issue #19, way back in November 2005. These Things I Know is a regular interview feature with icons of kiteboarding and closes the magazine out each issue. Pete Cabrinha provided one of our favourites:

Kitesurfing, windsurfing and big wave legend Pete Cabrinha in These Things I Know, Kiteworld issue #19

PHOTO: Manu Morel

ONE – Andre Phillip wrote the book on kiteboarding style. Susi Mai rips harder than most guys. Robby Naish is the Swiss Army knife of windsports. Ruben Lenten deserves a title. Mauricio Abreu surfs better than he kites. Bruno Legaignoux is a very smart man.

TWO – Kite pants are super-duper cool.

THREE – Nothing is a waste of time if you’re passionate about it. ‘Time killers’ like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing have given me more than I ever expected.

FOUR – Kiteboarding is one of the best things to do on the planet. How can you possibly go wrong when you combine the DNA from surfing and wakeboarding into a single product?

FIVE – Family is the most important thing in life. By far the truest cliché ever spoken.

SIX – Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13, and is a phobia I cannot allow in my life; my birthday occasionally falls on Friday the 13th.

SEVEN – Americans eat approximately 76 billion pounds of red meat and poultry a year. The upside? There are still more public libraries than McDonalds in the US.

EIGHT – A 70-foot wave at Peahi (Jaws) carries a mass of water equivalent to 54 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

NINE – Tow surfing can deliver your best moment in life or your worst nightmare, occasionally within the same session.

TEN – I’m always the happiest when I’m on or near the water. Living away from the ocean is not an option for me.

ELEVEN – The Cabrinha staff and extended kiteboarding family rocks! I’m lucky to have the top design team, best creative staff, and hottest pro-team.

TWELVE – A single occurrence of flatulence releases 3.5 oz of gas. I feel bad for the scientist that was assigned to figure that one out.

THIRTEEN – President Bush doesn’t speak for me.

44 year-old Pete Cabrinha is the head of the Cabrinha Kiteboarding Company. He has won a windsurfing World Championship and been a pioneering figure of both kitesurfing and tow-surfing. Respected by his peers as one of the best big wave surfers in the world he was crowned by Billabong as their XXL Big Wave winner after riding a 70-foot wave at Peahi in 2004. Pete is planning his own art opening in 2006 and lives on Maui, Hawaii with his wife Lisa and daughter, Tahiti.

Pete Cabrinha’s personal website has a tonne of great stuff, including more details on his XXL big wave awards and history / achievements in watersports that led him to becoming the helmsman at Cabrinha:

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