Kiteworld Christmas Gift Guide

Kiteworld Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas gift guide for kitesurfers

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Kiteworld gift guide for kitesurfers


They say it’s better to give than receive. That’s always debatable, but this handy guide will inspire presents for others or yourself

* All prices are a rough guide and may vary

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This guide is all about the gifts that will support and enrich the kiting experience. First up are the products that you’ll want when you’re on the water and looking for that extra level of convenience, comfort or performance.


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Until recent years, kiters wanting to ride boots have had to use wakeboard bindings that are designed for a very different use. Kite bindings require more back flex and they’ve got to be be able to withstand a pounding. When wakeboarding, you can let go. With a kite, you get pulled through the water even when you’re not in the mood for it, so your boots have to be up to the challenge. AK’s kite specific boot, the ‘Team Black Bindings’, have flex points in all the right places, laces that don’t snap immediately and we’re getting more hours out of them than any other binding. One thing that is worth mentioning is that they sit at the ‘tall and stiff’ end of the spectrum, which is perfect for some and uncomfortable for others. If you look closely, you’ll see many pro riders (who don’t have a boot sponsor) choosing to ride these bindings out of personal preference.

Sizes: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 7 and 6 (uk)   

PRICE GUIDE:  £316 / $406 / €369


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Their Element footstraps are just as good as their bindings (which we’ve raved about). They’re very adjustable: the straps themselves have a huge range of tightness and the attachment to the board has a wide array of possible angles so that you can get the perfect placement on your board. These are a premium binding – you only have to look at the amount of impact absorbing goodness underfoot to see that there has been no expense spared. If you find yourself with bruised heels or wasting precious concentration trying to keep your board on your feet – upgrade to these.

Sizes: Medium & Large

PRICE GUIDE:  £170 / $220 / €199



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The floating hat from Buoy Wear continues to be a hit on beaches across the world, with its 100% waterproof and antimicrobial floating core making it unsinkable in all water conditions. The quick dry material in the front and the mesh at the back provides perfect ventilation and allows water drainage. It’s also fully adjustable so you can dial in the perfect fit. There’s a range of vibrant colours which means there’s something for everyone, and, should you become detached from your hat on the water, it’ll be easy to spot.

PRICE GUIDE:  £27 / $35 / €20




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The ultimate waterproof backpack. It’s made of super durable material and has lots of room for your gear with its external pockets and internal laptop sleeve. The padded back and shoulder straps keep you comfy whilst everything inside the backpack remains safe and dry during your travels – even if you drop it into the sea.

PRICE GUIDE:  £111 / $142 / €129



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

For those who enjoy riding with a pad rather than wax. Also useful if you’re travelling a lot and continually needing different waxes – leave them at home! Only available in one colour but it is subtle enough to suit any board.

PRICE GUIDE:  £55 / $70 / €64




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

These internal split toe boots provide exceptional warmth and maximum protection using the  Plasma Plush 2.0 lining that is stretchy in all the right places. ION have gone above and beyond to make sure you can still feel the board beneath your feet even through the multiple layers of rubber and neoprene, something that you usually sorely miss about the warmer months.

SIZES: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5 (uk)

PRICE GUIDE:  £80 / $102 / €93


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Beyond a certain point in the year, gloves become essential. This is usually a dreaded time, as thick cumbersome gloves can be hard to kite with – your forearms get a real hammering just from the resistance of the gloves. So ION has cleverly made these 3/2mm gloves in a pre-formed claw shape, decreasing the resistance on your hands to grip the bar. These will be a hit, trust us.

Sizes: XL, L, M, S and XS

PRICE GUIDE:  £47 / $60 / €55


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Look at the zip placement on this jacket. It’s off center, which keeps things simple and clean around your harness hook that pokes out through the dedicated reinforced hole in the lining of the jacket. The cosy coat also acts as a hood if your wetsuit isn’t equipped with one, meaning you can squeeze a few more days on the water in the winter months when no one else is out.

Sizes: XL, L, M, and S 

Price: PRICE GUIDE:  £189 / $242 / €220




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The high-end sunnies from LiP continue to be popular on beaches around the world, protecting their owner’s eyes from harmful UV rays and glare off the water. If you are concerned about damaging your eyesight from the endless hours spent shredding, these are a top solution that do exactly what they say on the tin and look good whilst doing it, too. There’s also an extensive urban collection for when you’ve not got a board underneath your feet!

PRICE GUIDE:  £61 – £178 / $78 – $228 / €71- €207



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

One of Kiteboarding’s signature wetsuits has been tuned to perfection. Gone are the unnecessary seams, minimalizing the numbers of panels which makes for a more water tight fit that provides optimal stretch in all directions. Obviously it’s all glue-blind stitched, and the Flare Mesh Quick dry lining is very quick to dry. The amount of tech in this wetsuit is remarkable – the ‘Knitflex’, for example, is super soft and offers the highest flex ratio available today. Available in every size you could possibly imagine and in three colours: black, navy and grey.

PRICE GUIDE:  £320 / $412 / €374



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift IdeasKitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

You can’t buy confidence, but you can buy an impact vest. Ruben’s signature vest will protect your ribs from impacts, so that you can ride without hesitation when it matters most. Important to note is that this isn’t a flotation device, it’s for protection and works seamlessly with a harness. It’s stretchy, lightweight properties don’t inhibit movement or weigh you down whilst you’re sending it big.

Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M, S and XS

PRICE GUIDE:  £149 / $169 / €169



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Instructors rely on these for their livelihood all around the world – if you’re spending extensive amounts of time in the water these shorts are a must have. They act as a protective barrier from sharp seams in boardshorts and allow you to live in salt water without the strain on your skin. Made of polyester and stretchy fleece composite, the Thermo Pants are slim-fitting, light and dry faster than you can say the word ‘chafe’.

PRICE GUIDE:  £40 / $50 / €46

Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M and S



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Want to stay warm whilst maintaining the ability to hear? Mystic’s neoprene beanie does just that. Available in six colours and four sizes, all of which are 2mm in thickness and include an attachment point for the essential wetsuit-beanie connection.


Sizes: XL, L, M and S

PRICE GUIDE:  £23 / $30 / €27



In some conditions, a drysuit is a necessity. And if you’re wanting guaranteed function, look no further than the drysuit range from Ocean Rodeo. The heat, which costs little more than a top end wetsuit, features an efficient, clean design to deliver performance that offers greater flexibility and customizable levels of warmth. That’s right, customizable – does your cold wet wetsuit offer this?! Simply zip up the outer jacket and seal yourself off from the wind and rain whilst maintaining your ability to move with the articulated knees and elbows. Don’t let the weather slow you down!

Sizes: XXL, XL KING, XL, L KING, L, M, S and XS

PRICE GUIDE:  £546 / $699 / €633




If you’re at the stage where you’re trying new tricks and inevitably spending a fair proportion of your session body-dragging back to your board – a Go Joe provides easy board recovery without a cumbersome board leash. It attaches via the board handle mount and sits between your feet. If, for one reason or another, you should lose your board, the floating Go Joe keeps the board upright, and the large surface area will catch the wind and sail the board downwind, back to its rightful owner. Also worth mentioning is the fluorescent properties. The bright colour makes your board far easier to see in the murky winter waters. If you’ve ever lost a board you’ll know what we’re talking about!

PRICE GUIDE:  £80 / $93 / €92



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

These guys are based in the Cote Basque, one of the few places in the world where you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon. The diversity of activity and laid back feel has leaked into the designs of their sunnies. Ocean’s on-water offering sit at a lower price point than the competition, making them a formidable floating alternative. As well as acting as a UV shield for your eyes from the water’s glare, there’s a huge range to choose from to suit any style and trend on the water and on the streets.

PRICE GUIDE:  £50 – £102 / $65 – $132 / €59 – €120



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The Rad Pad and strap system is designed to offer the maximum amount of comfort and adjustability, built around an HT Nylon skeleton frame that is molded inside a DUO density EVA core base. We don’t know what that means either. But there’s three densities of cushion to absorb any impacts that you throw at it. Three! They weren’t joking about maximum comfort…

PRICE GUIDE:  £177 / $227 / €206



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

A cross between a wetsuit and a hooded sweatshirt, this versatile and stylish men’s-cut top will keep you warm, dry and looking good before, during and after your sessions. It cuts the wind and instantly traps warm air inside, meaning your wetsuit has a better chance of maintaining its heat. The in-built hook slot allows you to wear your harness underneath and the whole fit of the jacket (loose and baggy) means that your movement will be uninhibited, unlike a super thick wettie! 

Sizes: XL, L, M and S

PRICE GUIDE:  £175 / $224 / €202



It’s not just kites and boards that make us riders. Take care of the little details this christmas for the ultimate on-water comfort and sensory experience.



The connection with your kite is the essence of the sport. It’s an intimate, trusting relationship that needs to be a good one for you to enjoy kitesurfing to its fullest. For this reason, the harness is a vital bit of kit, and one that if chosen right, can instantly inject some comfort and confidence into your riding. Hardshell harnesses, which began as an underground trade from the carparks of san diego (courtesy of Coleman Buckley and his Ride Engine enterprise!) have now become the industry standard.  Here are the best of the best, but please note that the success of a harness is determined by fit – so head to your local shop and try them on.



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Aaron Hadlow’s signature harnesses features an ultra-rigid support area to distribute the loads from the kite perfectly – resulting in a direct power transmission to the rider. It’s the stiffest in the ION range, but it’s not all stiff stuff –  flexible side parts grant freedom of movement for the radical moves that require it.


PRICE GUIDE:  £400 / $513 / €466



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas


Ruben’s Majestic model contains all the features of the stock Majestic harness: a slimmer waist harness with a Carbon composite plate, bionic core frame and Battle belt 2.0 system. However, the LEN10 version also has a specifically designed lining on the inside for quick dry properties which ensures a dry harness every time you go out.


PRICE GUIDE:  £330 / $369 / €369



The Vex is a low profile 3D molded waist harness that is 3D shaped and precurved. It has multiple leash attachment points, patented Pin release spreaderbar and the neoprene softedges eliminate chafe (good for hotter climates!)


PRICE GUIDE:  £194 / $248 / €225




The original hardshell that started it all. The 2020 Elite carbon harness is the result of years of iterations and product testing to design and mass produce the best possible harnesses. Despite considerable company growth and RE being brought under the 7 Nation umbrella (Slingshot owners), the ethos of Ride Engine remains unchanged. This is immediately apparent when you try on one of their legendary harnesses. You’ll feel the same support that created all the hype in the first place, despite being an ‘Off the shelf’ product.


PRICE GUIDE:  £340 / $435 / €394



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re in the market for a seat harness due to the need to hold down extra power, or for the avoidance of rib/abdominal pressure, the Nitrous harness, which is built into a pair of boardshorts, is a great option. Not only does it look like the usual waist-harness-and-shorts set up, but the fit will be better too, as it eliminates the need for a layer of board shorts underneath.


PRICE GUIDE:  £135 / $173 / €157




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Used for tuition all over the world, this Prolimit harness is the go-to for seat harness stability and ease of use. These are built to be indestructible and can withstand any amount of salt, sand and rough and tumble, whilst maintaining its performance. Available in a huge amount of sizes, too.


PRICE GUIDE:  £109 / $140 / €126


Those soft floppy things of the 2000s now look like a grim hangover from Windsurfing don’t they! If you haven’t tried a harness that is designed specifically for the needs of kiters, you are missing out.



For Before And After


Despite your best wishes, you can’t kite all the time. So for all the times in between, here’s a load of product ideas that’ll float the boat of any kiter.


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The Kitesurf Map shows you the world of kitesurfing, from the biggest shallow flat-water lagoon in El Gouna to freestyle in Cauipe Lagoon and the epic waves at One Eye. There is over 500 kitesurfing spots, with information on style, level, wind direction, water temperature and peak season – all on a nicely illustrated map of the world. If you’re wondering where to head next, this could be a good place to start: stand back and feast your eyes on the possibilities! Available as poster, XXL canvas, towel and foldable map.


PRICE GUIDE:  £30 / $39 / €35 




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

These boards are often prescribed for knee injuries as they’re brilliant for building up the stabiliser muscles, but they’re just as good for working on your balance – something that really pays off when you’re on the water, particularly when you are trying something new. Balancing on the board is a fun challenge – difficult to begin with but as your muscle memory and muscle strength increase with practice you’ll find yourself trying more and more challenging maneuvers and positions. The Porto is the smallest (very portable!) and most difficult, however, us kitesurfers aren’t scared of a little indoor challenge, right?


PRICE GUIDE:  £130 / $166 / €150



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

If your pump squeaks and makes you consider not bothering, you’d better treat yourself to one of the newer, 2L, ultra smooth pumps with anti-sand nozzles and everything…

PRICE GUIDE:  £42 / $53 / €49




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Dr Tuba offer a huge catalog of kite bladders, from all of the big brands, that backdate all the way back to the mid 2000s. If you’re unfortunate enough to need one, Dr Tuba will almost certainly have a custom made bladder, made in the EU with the best possible TPU on the latest manufacturing machines. Dr Tuba can have the bladder on its way to you in under 48 hours and you get a whopping three years warranty. It’s also worth noting that they come with pre-welded valves and the whole bladder is 10-20% lighter than those that are installed in off-the-shelf kites, which can increase performance!

PRICE GUIDE:  £135 / $173 / €157 (Varies between brands)




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

This is the most advanced and up-to-date kite repair kit, which should be tucked into every kiter’s travel bag or glove box to prevent a nightmare session. With the kit at hand you’ll be able to repair almost any known problem on a kite, from ripstop and dacron fabrics to bladders and valves. It includes many top quality products like ‘Aquasure PU glue’, the ‘Ultra repair patch’, ‘Repair dots’ and new ‘3M valve repair circles’ – all packed in a tough travel box. It’s the sort of thing that you’ll realise how crucial it is when it has saved your bacon and got you back on the water when you could have been heading home.

PRICE GUIDE:  £35 / $44 / €41




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’ve got a few years of kiting under your belt, you’ll know that from time to time and no matter what brand – kite valves fail. But not to worry, Dr Tuba offer replacements to fit every kite. They’re easy to apply, they’re stitched (not glued) and they sit firmly in place to get you back on the water asap. Available in a range of sizes to suit.

PRICE GUIDE:  £10 / $13 / €12 (Varies between brands)



This one is a real life changer. Whilst we can appreciate that the cynics may not see the need for such a luxury, once you’ve used a poncho it is difficult to return back to a wet towel. Not only is it warmer, but it grants you privacy in the car park and gets to work drying you as soon as you’ve put it on. Can that smelly towel in the back of your car do that? 


Sizes: Large and Small

PRICE GUIDE:  £55 / $70 / €64




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Space on your wall for some kite inspired art? This high quality print is available in A1, A2, A3 and A4 to fit any space. There’s a 1” surrounding border to leave ample room for framing and the quality of the printing means it’ll never fade.

PRICE GUIDE:  £19 / $24 / €22



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

We don’t want to toot our own horn too loudly, but: Kiteworld is the original worldwide kiteboarding journal and comes in luxury print and smooth, clean digital editions six times a year. Linking your last session to your next, Kiteworld takes your enjoyment and understanding of kitesurfing to a deeper level. Whatever your level, wherever and however you ride, Kiteworld will fuel and develop your addiction through inspirational stories, destination guides, incredible images, in-depth and independent reviews of must-have gear and through stacks of insightful tips to improve your riding each issue. 


PRICE GUIDE FROM: £9 / $14 / €13… (Digital)



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The Quick Release collar is a perfect addition to any foiler’s quiver who is using multiple mast lengths or wings. No longer do you need to loosen up all your track nuts in order to remove the mast from your board – simply remove the one rear screw, slide out the mast attachment and you’re good to go. Compatible with all LF foil gear and will work with many others too, but we recommend checking with your local dealer first.

PRICE GUIDE:  £100 / $129 / €117



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Kiting is for everyone and maybe the best place to start is with a trainer kite on a gentle day. The Ignition V2 from Ozone combines ease-of-use but with the genuine feel of a larger kite so that you can safely introduce anyone to the joys of kite flying. Being Ozone, you can rely on the build quality and the aerodynamic efficiency for a fun filled afternoon with the Ignition V2 and before you know it they’ll be eyeing up the bigger sizes (and lessons at your local school, of course!).

Sizes: 3, 2.5, 2, and 1.5m

PRICE GUIDE:  £175 / $224 / €203




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The bottle that launched Klean Kanteen a decade ago is now available in an insulated version. Patagonia say that the high-performance, double-wall vacuum insulation makes it their most versatile bottle ever. It features the leakproof Loop Cap for safe transport and keeps your warm drinks hot for over 20 hours. Post session tea, anyone?

PRICE GUIDE:  £30 / $38 / €35



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Progression do in-depth tutorials for all types of riding, but learning to foil is a humbling experience for any kitesurfer, so we really recommend their foiling series – no matter how good you are at twin tip or strapless riding. Why not save yourself the time, energy and hardship by getting informed and educated with Progression, where 15 years of experience in combination with clean and simple videos help you skip you through all the crashing and the scariness so that you can get up and foiling in the shortest time possible. Available online and in-app, you can even take your revision to the car park before heading out and implementing the tips and tricks.

PRICE GUIDE:  £30 / $38 / €35



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

How many times do you google search for the latest tide times per week? Reduce time spent staring at your phone and take a single glance by having a tide clock on your wall, instead. Its AA battery powered, quartz movement will keep you informed and in tune with the conditions so that you can time your sessions better.

PRICE GUIDE:  £35 / $45 / €41




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Usually a kite bag isn’t something to get excited about, but this one doubles as a seat cover for your car and a changing mat (both of which are individual products in this gift guide!). 

PRICE GUIDE:  Free with a Y25 Kite, celebrating RRD’s 25 years in the game.


Solo Strap® – The Original Kite Launching Strap

Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

This is your go-to self-launch anchor, available 24/7 when there’s no other kitebuddy around. Specifically designed for the job, the launching strap is a safer alternative to using an old leash. It’s a must-have for anyone who ventures out on solo missions – the simple design allows you to attach the strap straight onto your chicken loop so that you can self-launch with confidence. 

PRICE GUIDE:  £25 / $32 / €29 ‘Hands Solo’

PRICE GUIDE:  £30 / $38 / €35 ‘Only One’



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

These guys make super glossy, coffee-table style Kite and Windsurfing Guides that feature in-depth explanations of wind, wave and weather conditions throughout the year. There is a Europe-specific guide as well as a fully comprehensive guide of the whole world. Both offer authentic travel information on what to expect in each region, the practicalities of travelling there and what you’ll need to take with you. It is very detailed – the Europe version covers 2,500 kiting and windsurfing venues in 17 different countries. But don’t worry, if you want to travel light all the info is also available via online-subscription and as an iOS-App.


PRICE GUIDE:  £43 / $55 / €50




The ultimate coffee-style guide to kiteboarding tricks and technique. It starts with the basics and finishes with moves that only the kite gods can dream of. Perfect for anyone who has been bitten by the kite bug and can’t stop thinking about what to try next – this 424 page bestseller is available in 6 languages and covers all riding styles, from wakestyle to oldschool. 

PRICE GUIDE:  £42 / $53 / €49



These products will keep the stoke alive during those windless weeks and they can make all the difference about how we feel about the sport.



Often we’re looking forward to a kite session as a way to escape the tech in our lives. However, sometimes there’s no better way to share the stoke than using one of the following bits of tech to capture the moment or add an additional layer of comfort or convenience to your session.


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

You’ve got the Snugs, now you need a case to keep your precious telephone safe from loss and possible water damage. The Aquapac is fully sealable. You can still use the screen and even take calls through the casing – impressive!

PRICE GUIDE:  £25 / $32 / €29



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

At 249g, this circumvents the current drone regulations, allowing you to negate the need to register it and fly it as a ‘Toy’, instead. Despite its size, it’s still very capable: 4km range, 2.7k video recording, raw image processing and a 30 minute flight time. It handles moderate winds with ease and is going to be 2020’s B-roll machine.

PRICE GUIDE:  £369 / $473 / €428



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

This is the tool that makes the megaloop selfie watchable – as your kite goes round, this gimbal keeps the horizon level and prevents nausea within the audience. Dubbed the world’s smallest stabiliser, this is a GoPro user’s best friend and is used as an extension of the camera, allowing for smoother footage no matter what you’re riding and where. It also works amazingly for timelapses, injecting an additional element of camera movement.

PRICE GUIDE:  £155 / $199 / €179 (for Line Mount + Quark)



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Cheaper than buying a second wetsuit and if you time it right, it’ll pre-warm it for you, too! This next-generation coat hanger pumps 6L of warm air per minute through you suit via a powerful fan that sits in the center. It folds up for easy storage and will have your wettie dry in 20 minutes. Never battle with a freezing, wet wetsuit again!


PRICE GUIDE:  £139 / $178 / €161




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

What begins with a 3D scan of your inner ear ends with a custom ear-bud that stays in and is capable of filling your session with tunes. Music can completely change the feel of a session and it’ll also protect you against Surfer’s Ear. Snugs specialise in the custom ear-buds, but they supply the earphone drivers too. Available in a range of colours and wired/wireless options (you’ll want the wired options if you want to remain an owner…) All you’ll need is a waterproof MP3 player, which, if you’ve upgraded within the past few years, your phone might be capable of. Check the box first!


PRICE GUIDE:  £170 / $218 / €197



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Track your session: see where you went and how fast. There’s an easy app to digest all of the information and see your progress. The battery life is really good and for an additional £20 there is a heart rate version that helps to calculate your calorie intake and better analyse your activity levels.


PRICE GUIDE:  £362 / $463 / €420




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

There’s a whole world of bluetooth speakers out there, but the BOOM 3 from Ultimate Ears is so easy to use, has great battery life and is basically bomb proof. Awesome bit of tech to throw in a kite bag for a big beach day or for the hotel room on a kite trip.


PRICE GUIDE:  £130 / $167 / €151



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Once you’ve got a WOO between your feet, every session is the Olympics: you’re now a trained athlete and your chosen discipline is the high jump. But be warned: this bit of blue tech can be just as soul crushing as it is rewarding. The feeling when you break your PB (or even better: beat all your mates) is unmatchable – a moment you will never forget. However, being on the receiving end of the height related banter can be hard to take and it often takes the entire journey home to recover. The 3.0 takes this to another level, with added compatibility with your smart watch. This enables you to check your recorded altitudes on the water. It also includes the new and improved 3.0 mount, with a screw-in clip that is far more secure. Within the app you’re able to: check leaderboards (sorted by time and location), track your jumping progress and it’s also capable of tracking freestyle manoeuvres, too. A must-have for any kiter.


PRICE GUIDE:  £139 / $178 / €161


There you have it: 2020’s best tech products for the kiting world. Word has it that they’re still working on a robot that takes your wet gear from your car into the shed. Fingers crossed for next christmas.



Back by popular demand, we know that a lot of you readers are living the van life day-in-day-out. Nowadays the kite beaches are lined with VW Transporters, so here are a few products to suit.


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The Drybag allows you to hang a suit up indoors without dripping water all over the place. There are two options: the Dry Pro which is designed for outdoors drying; and the Dry Elite which is better for drying indoors. They won’t dry your suit completely, but they’ll stop the initial expelling of water from the suit going all over your van!

PRICE GUIDE: £60 (only shipping to the UK) / $75 / €68



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Your beloved wetsuit has kept you insulated and happy for the past few hours, so why chuck it on the greasy, sandy floor of a car park? Changing mats provide an area to take off your wet wettie in a clean (and soft!) environment, that you can then step out of and enclose your wetsuit inside a handy waterproof bag. No more minging wetsuits. No more excessive wetness in the back of your car.

PRICE GUIDE:  £20 / $26 / €23




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re planning on staying off the grid for a couple of days and want to preserve your van’s battery, the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus can be left on your dashboard to comfortably charge things like GoPros, smartphones and power banks while you’re out on the water. You can even attach it to your backpack to charge your devices while you’re on the move.

PRICE GUIDE: £100 / $100 / €112




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

More than just a preventative measure to stop your vehicle smelling like the sea, these seat covers will absorb the water on you as soon as you sit down after a long day on the water. They’re fully waterproof and have elastic tighteners to ensure you get the perfect fit.


PRICE GUIDE:  £70 / $90 / €82



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

A hot cup of something after a sesh is an instant morale booster, but constantly grabbing takeaways gets expensive (and can be wasteful). The Jet Boil is one of the best and most portable gas cooking devices out there, taking just a couple of minutes to make a cuppa. This Flash 2.0 model can even be bought with a french press attachment. Yes, you can probably start a sideline as the ‘boarding barista’!

PRICE GUIDE: £105 / $110 / €120




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The Mr Heater ‘Buddy’ is a small, compact and portable propane heater than can partially heat an area of up to 200 feet, so just imagine how toasty it could make your van. It’s certified for indoor use and has a tip- over switch so that it’ll automatically shut down if knocked over. ‘Buddy’ can also tell if the space it’s heating has too much carbon monoxide in the air and will switch off if that happens. Safe and reliable, it’s still not advised to leave it on overnight, though.

PRICE GUIDE: £145 / $130 / €160



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re going to spend a weekend away in the van chasing wind and waves this winter then you need a decent sleeping bag. Patagonia make a range of bags that can keep you warm in temperatures as low as -7°C / 19°F and they’re made with ethically sourced down that’s not plucked from live birds.

PRICE GUIDE: £500 / $499 / €560



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The original Rinsekit was a hit for rinsing you wetsuit – but this one has the ability to heat the water, too! The RinseKit system holds enough water to deliver a pressurised spray for up to six minutes. This transforms the post session ritual into something to look forward to.

PRICE GUIDE: £85 / $100 / €88



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

It doesn’t matter where you’ve parked – it’s always nice to know when you’re out on the water that your car keys are secure. These boxes have a quick code locking mechanism that are easy to set and hook around your towing hook, door handle, roof rack etc. Forget about the car and focus on the session…


PRICE GUIDE:  £35 / $45 / €41




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

If your car has a keyless system, this skirts the proximity issues so that you can still use a lock box. Compatible with all lock boxes – it simply blocks the signal from your smart key to the receiver inside the vehicle.


PRICE GUIDE:  £4 / $4 / €4



Life is better at the kite spot. It’s as simple as that and these bits and bobs make living that life a little easier.



A few clothing and accessory ideas that’ll keep the stoke alive and prevent you from looking like you don’t kite. 


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

100% cotton and 100% the ideal item of clothing for the post-session brew. Layer it up for the colder days at home and  take it away on a kite trip for the chillier evenings.

PRICE GUIDE:  £30 / $38 / €35




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

You’ve seen the launch video. You’ve watched the Pro riders pile in. You’ve wondered if Nick Jacobsen can loop the 12m like he says. And now you want the t-shirt. Well here it is, in it’s 180gsm, half cotton, half stretchy polyester glory with that north logo sitting proudly on its chest.

PRICE GUIDE:  £30 / $38 / €35



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

This womens soft shell from North is super water resistant but not sweaty – it breathes. Designed for howling days where the rain is coming in sideways, the Journey Jacket has welded zippers (bit like a wetsuit) on the pockets and up the middle to ensure there is zero leakage. Looks simple but there’s actually a lot of thought and design to keep you dry.

PRICE GUIDE:  £110 / $142 / €129


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

A design classic gets an update fit for 2050 – the original Patagonia fleece is now made with recycled polyester fleece from soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste and worn-out garments. It’s also Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, which means the people who made it earned a premium for their labor. 

Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M, S and XS

PRICE GUIDE:  £120 / $153 / €139




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The perfect 100% cotton Tshirt for any foiling enthusiast. The foil-inspired compass across the chest is vital for making conversation in kite car parks across the land. Available in white and black in a wide range of sizes.

PRICE GUIDE:  £16 / $21 / €19


We were expecting an influx of kite trousers with the release of all the retro footage in Aaron Hadlow’s ‘TWENTY’ earlier this year. Looks like the calf coverage may have to wait another year.



Kite trip on the horizon? Here are a few bits that will help with carting your precious gear around.


Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

This 41L, four wheeled little beast of a bag allows for greater circumvention of the check-in desks. There’s volume restrictions on hand luggage, but they rarely weigh it. So why not stack your carry-on with all your heavy stuff and avoid the huge fees on your big bags…


PRICE GUIDE:  £115 / $148 / €135



Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The large roller is big enough for a week’s clothes, your harness, all the soaked gear (that you can keep in a dedicated compartment!) and there’s still room for a few kites. And as any good hearted, well meaning kitesurfer will tell you: never leave a kite behind.

Dimensions: 83 x 35 x 30 cm

Weight: 2,8 kg

PRICE GUIDE:  £119 / $153 / €139




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re constantly battling at the check-in desks with baggage fees, it is worth thinking about getting a lighter bag for your gear. Wheels add a significant amount of weight and provide a luxury to which an airport trolley is just as adept. There will, of course, be the occasional voyage from car to trolley. The pain of this, we’d argue, is worth the money you’ll save at the check in desks. It comes with a handy little tool bag so that you can make better use of your time at the destination instead of ferreting around scrounging for parts!

PRICE GUIDE:  £120 / $155 / €139




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

A travel bag to contain your foil and all of its accompanying accessories, from fuselages to straps. Each time has its own compartment to keep things organised and safe from bumps and bruises. Available in 110 and 96cm to suit your mast length.

PRICE GUIDE:  £64 / $82 / €75




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

The loophole that must have saved kiter’s thousands over the years lives on. Some have taken the “It’s just a golf bag, which, according to your baggage policy, boards for free?” to new heights by stowing a spare pitching wedge in with your kites incase of inspection. Sneaky. It doesn’t work every time, but for the one time you do pull it off, the bag will have paid for itself. Fits three kites, board, bar, pump, 9 iron…

Size: 150cm in length

PRICE GUIDE:  £150 / $186 / €174




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

Too much gear? Your roof is like a portal to another world of possibility – a world where you have every board and every kite you have, just incase the conditions require it. The pads and ratchets allow you to convert any roof into additional storage, without damaging your car or your precious gear.


PRICE GUIDE:  £37 / $48 / €43




Kitesurfing Christmas Gift Ideas

This rugged but stylish bag is loaded with technical features designed to keep you organized and protect your valuables on whatever adventure you find yourself in. Features includes a padded laptop sleeve (that fits a 15”), hidden stash pocket, fleece-lined sunglass pouch and multiple zipper compartments. The Rover is built from high-end materials, to extra-rugged specs. Available in two colours, Mocha and Grey.

PRICE GUIDE:  £80 / $103 / €93


Baggage, let’s face it, is the most boring aspect of the trip. So get it sussed and minimize the luggage stress.

Kiteworld Clothing


This slim fitting T shows that you’re not just a kiteboarder of distinct class, but that you’re also well-read, knowledgeable and you know what’s up. You won’t short tack, turn without looking or ride someone annoyingly up the beach. You can’t promise you won’t fully send it when the time is right, though!

Colour: Heather Slate
Sizes: S / M / L / XL
Price: £15

Kiteworld Magazine T-shirt


Looking to send it at night as well as the day? This in-the-pocket design has all the western hustle and swagger of the bigger Never Come Down design, but is for the more subtle roller who’s looking for a garment that can adapt to the occasion – on the beach or the after party. Send it large or keep it casual, the hustler works a treat. 

Colour: black
Sizes: S / M / L / XL
Price: £15

Kiteworld High Wind Hustler T-shirt


Just cos you’re a kiter doesn’t mean you want to hang in a hoody all the time. Take your style up a notch with this neatly fitting sweater that’s fluffy on the inside and neat on the outside. No corny sales line needed for this. It’s just a sweater… but a pretty nice one!

Colour: Slate grey
Sizes: S / M / L / XL
Price: £25

Kiteworld Never Come Down sweater

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