About Kiteworld Magazine

Kiteworld Magazine was started by Hugh Miller in 2001 to reflect what was happening in kitesurfing at the time. There was a need for an independent international magazine to help establish the fact that kitesurfing was a sport in its own right, not an extension of the windsurfing industry. 50 issues on and kiting has boomed across the world, but we’re still just trying to make sure we portray the true essence of the sport as we see it. No hype necessary, this is kitesurfing; just the word alone makes hearts race with excitement and anticipation.

On land, snow or water – in Tahiti, Texas or Tignes; Kiteworld International Magazine is the linchpin between a kiter’s last and next session. We reflect their passion, complement their understanding and ignite the fire that enthrals the masses in this varied sport, regardless of age, gender or background. A blend of expert knowledge on technical matters, aspirational travel writing and photography seamed with humour and understanding offers a complete view of what it is to be a kiter in this rapidly developing free sport.

The Kiteworld team, energised by the fact that every member of staff is a kiter, have worked hard to develop a connection with our readership, and our own range of styles and levels are the ame as those on the beaches, parks and snow plains across the world, helping us to connect and to relate to every one.

Kiteworld continues to work from the basics up, to show the best of our sport, to deliver the most original content for which the magazine has become renowned and respected for.