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Issue #35


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In Issue #35 you will reap the rewards of many hours hard labour from two of our top photo hacks who burnt gigs and gigs-worth of memory cards in Egypt and Hawaii to provide the 'perfect' shot. Working with the likes of Aaron Hadlow and Felix Pivec, William Milne and Jeff Pfeffer will show you sides of kiteboarding like you've never seen them before.

Jeff Pfeffer took on a unique project in boardsport media, explaining the subculture of strapless surfboard riding where big, floaty airs are back in fashion, via breathtaking images in the magazine, and on video at , making the most of all our platforms to bring you the ultimate kiting entertainment experience... and hopefully a little education and motivation to boot.

Aaron Hadlow is locked is the tightest battle for the title that the world tour has seen in years with Kevin Langeree. Aaron recently found himself off the top spot in the rankings for the first time in almost five years. But does he have a bigger agenda to push in the sport than just collecting title number 5? IIn this issue he talks frankly about what he thinks is happening and, with the help of William Milne's awesome photo work, he explains his views on how the competitive side of the sport should be looking to progress in the future.

Another unusual project is Flexifoil's sponsoring of the display team of Europe's most advanced fighter jet plane, the Eurofighter. Kiteworld spent a day with some of Flexi's team of riders who traded skills with the real life 'Top Guns' (who have also appeared on BBC 2's Top Gear) to see who had the most skill. The results were very intriguing.

The Nemesis for 2009 has already been causing a stir in the media and on the beaches. The test team flew out to Tarifa on a private operation to spend a couple of days on the beach with their kite designer, Peter Stiewe, to uncover the truth behind their latest concept.

This issue, we also got our hands on an early drop of 09 kites, and you can read reviews on the F-One Bandit Dos, Cabrinha Crossbow 09, North Rebel 09, Flysurfer Psycho 4 09 and the Best Nemesis HP 09. Rounding out the reviews of 08 kit are: Gin's Zulu, Eclipse's Thruster, Latitude's Latitude, Ozone's Instinct Sport and Liquid Force Session kites, while board-wise, we jump on the Royal One, F-One Trax, JN Bonnie and Clyde, Best Ouija and Spleene's Rip 134.

Those of you looking to satisfy the hunger for travel will be satiated by reviews of the classic downwind routes in South Africa, the wave riding and lifestyle perfection of Barbados, Miguel Willis heads to Turkey and we'll be featuring alluring images from Egypt.

On the trick tip, we break down the fine kite art of sent boosts and the Motor Drive Project works you up to the mobe 7. On top of that we've piled the usual variety of wave riding enlightenment and our team of expert columnists have been sharpening their word swords to gear you up for some well-programmed play of your own.

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