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Sam Light

Sam LightNationality: British

Date of Birth: 13 May 1990
Lives: Hayling Island, South Coast, UK

Started Kiting: 2003
Sponsors: Naish, O'Neill

Competes: BKSA, PKRA


Description: Laid back, easy going, fun, push everything I do to the edge, do It the best I can

Kitesurfing Style: Stylish, powerful, fast, most important of all FUN

Top Places to Ride: La Boca - Dom Rep, Hayling Island, My local Secret Spot...!! Cumbucu - Brazil, Coche - Venzuela

Favourite Moves: Shifty Frontside 5, Shifty S-Blind, Low Mobe (Backmobe), Megaloop, Frontmobe

Riding Tips: Use a wide tance!
Website: www.samlight.co.uk

Sam Light
Sam Light

Added: 2008-08-17

Category: Rider profiles

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