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Ryan Coote

Ryan CooteNationality: Irish

Date of Birth: 08 May 1981
Lives: Jah the Kingdom
Started Kiting: 2000
Sponsors: Ozone Kites, Oneill Wetsuits, Underground Kiteboards.
Competes: WAVES WAVES ahhhhhhh Waves! (eg. PKRA Race, Wave and BKSA)


Description: Love, honesty, happy, content, positive
Kitesurfing Style: Weird, madness, colorful, full on

Top Places to Ride: Kingdom, Ladies Island, Christ Church NZ, Matanazs
Favourite Moves: Strapless airs, floaters, unhooked kiteloops, strapless back loops, strapless backloop kiteloops
Riding Tips: Early to bed, early to ride, don`t think too much, play in your own comfort ground, do your own thing!

Website: www.kitesurfireland.ie

Ryan Coote
Ryan Coote

Ryan Coote
Ryan Coote
Ryan Coote

Added: 2009-03-27

Category: Rider profiles

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