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Robby Naish

robby naish naish kitesurfingNationality: American
Date of Birth: 23 April 1963
Lives: Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Started Kiting: A very long time ago
Sponsors:Quiksilver Clothing, Wetsuits, Shoes and Eyewear, Red Bull, Robinson Club Hotels, Naish

Competes: (Eg. PKRA Race, Wave and BKSA) No longer competing, but focus riding on waves and free riding


Description: Passionate, focused, driven, lucky, free

Kitesurfing Style: Easy, powerful, fluid, commited, directional

Top Places to Ride: Oahu, Maui, Indo and Whole Bunch of number four and five
Favourite Moves: Huge air, full rail bottom turn, smacking the f**k out of the lip, tweaked Frontside Grab, Inverted Back with Nose Grab
Riding Tips: I hate to generalize, but number one is that practice makes perfect

Website: www.naish.com
Naish Kiteboarding Red Bull Energy Drink

robby naish naish kitesurfing
robby naish naish kitesurfing
robby naish naish kitesurfing
robby naish naish kitesurfing
robby naish naish kitesurfing

Added: 2009-03-26

Category: Rider profiles

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