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Lewis Deaves

Nationality: British, with a hint of Egyptian
Date of Birth: 22 July 1991
Lives: to kite (ah-ha)
Started Kiting: Too late. Seven years ago on Tiree, took my first flight but didn't start surfing until 2005
Sponsors: Cabrinha, Fun-Kite, hawa50, kaha
Competes: I compete on the coldest tour on the planet, better known as the BKSA. Been on this tour for 2 years now, going for the pro's next season. Time to kick it up a notch
Description: Man on a mission
Kitesurfing Style: Relentless, smooth, fluid, passionate, inspired, uninterrupted
Top Places to Ride: EGYPT has got to be the mecca for flat water freestyle. Places like the lagoons at Ras Sudr, Soma Bay (blasting with an off-shore breeze) and Colona Watersports are all sick spots to ride. And Troon of course.
Favourite Moves: The classic backroll, big kahoona's (respectful), backslide boardslide baby, slim to blind, KL5 shifty, blind judge 3, back to blind shifty mute, low mobes
Riding Tips: Don't copy. We've all seen Hadlow riding like a god and it's great, he's one of my favourite riders but I've seen far too many people on the British tour copying his style in an effort to win points and personalities. Keep it unreal and just go for it in your own way. If you want to do new school like the big boys then go ride hard but always appreciate the topcats who made it their own way by creating their own tricks with an innovative new style that no-one had ever seen before. As long as you ride as hard as you can and respect our sport as an art, not simply as a hobby, you will go far and people will appreciate you for the way you ride and what you offer to the sport. Keep it smooth, controlled, and always seek out and abuse the potential for one extra blindside or one more touch of the board whilst you're going for that pass. And keep our sport extreme!
Don't forget to smile... you never know who might be watching. Go have fun and enjoy the water and hope to god that someday, we have gills
Click hereto check out Lewis in action in Ras Sudr, Egypt with pal Tom Butler

Added: 2009-12-17

Category: Rider profiles

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