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Laura 'Lulu' Vroman

Laura 'Lulu' Vroman Nationality: American

Date of Birth: 29 May
Lives: Waves, NC

Started Kiting: 2007
Sponsors: REAL Watersports, Liquid Force, Oakley, Dakine

One day guest appearance at the 2009 Triple-S. Hopefully more in the future


Description: Enthusiastic, focused, small, organised, perky
Kitesurfing Style: Wakestyle, sliders, boots, powered, straless surf

Top Places to Ride: The REAL Slick and S-Turns in Cape Hatteras, NC
Favourite Moves: Railey, unhooked front roll, roll to revert, Anything on a slider or in the waves

Riding Tips: Do what feels comfortable and have fun

Website: www.lauravroman.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/lauravroman

Laura 'Lulu' Vroman

Laura 'Lulu' Vroman

Laura 'Lulu' Vroman

Added: 2009-07-01

Category: Rider profiles

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