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Kim Albrecht

Kim AlbrechtNationality: German
Date of Birth: 17 May 1987
Lives: Sylt, Germany - it`s small island in the North Sea
Started Kiting: 2001
Sponsors: North Kiteboarding


Description: Wicked - I hate to describe myself!
Kitesurfing Style: Flow, progression, flow, flow, flow
Top Places to Ride: Sylt, Combuco, Tarifa, Capetown, Coche
Favourite Moves: Slick it, slide it, flip it, wip it, dip it

Riding Tips: Ride C kites, ride bindings, have fun or just go out with a surfboard!

Website: www.kimalbrecht.de

North Kiteboarding

Kim Albrecht
Kim Albrecht
Kim Albrecht

Added: 2008-09-11

Category: Rider profiles

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