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James Boulding

James Boulding Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 07 May 1985
Lives: Manchester, UK

Started Kiting: 2002
Sponsors: Liquid Force, Session 1, Bern, Sutsu, Bawbags



Description: Egyptian rum, travel, filming, lifestyle, helpful
Kitesurfing Style: Power, wakestyle, no noon kiting

Top Places to Ride: Soma bay, Tiree, Budle Bay
Favourite Moves: Flats, nuclears to blind, grab tricks to wrapped, mega's

Riding Tips: Learning moves is all about splitting the move down into its component parts. Consider these factors and, if you're watching a video, look at what happens to these parts during the move. Slow motion always helps with this!

  • Head (Most important, where the head goes, the body will follow!)
  • Feet (Useful in spinning tricks, one foot usually leads and kicks round to help rotation, they also help hips rotate)
  • Knees. (They can be tucked up to speed up a rotation or extended out to slow down rotation. Very helpful for getting inverted. Extremely important when learning the Mobes/Slims/KGB's.)
  • Bar position (Tucked in close to body mainly when performing handle-pass tricks to make the handle easier to pass
The greater the pop in a trick the lighter the bar becomes. In handle-pass terms this means a lighter bar pass so put time into developing your pop. (Motor Drive in issue #43, out in January, is devoted to this!) It can be likened to doing a pull up on its own (good pop) or doing a pull up wearing a suit full of weights (bad pop)!

Website: www.jamesboulding.com

James Boulding

James Boulding

James Boulding

James Boulding
James Boulding
James Boulding

Added: 2009-07-01

Category: Rider profiles

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