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Craig Sparkes

craig sparkes flexifoil kitesurfing Nationality: English

Lives: Norwich
Started Kiting: 2000
Sponsors: Flexifoil, Dakine, Edge Power Kites
Competes: BKSA Freestyle Buggy (eg. PKRA Race, wave and BKSA)


Description: Happy, enthusiastic, competitive, outgoing, loud
Kitesurfing Style: Aggressive, technical, advanced, progressive, smooth

Top Places to Ride: Brancaster UK, Quiberon France, Leacuate France, Tarifa Spain, Westward Ho! UK

Favourite Moves: Backloop kiteloop, fork spins, massive rotations, kite loops, boneless`s
Riding Tips: Go out and ride hard, always know your limits but keep pushing them to better your riding, make sure every session you are having fun & ride for yourself! No one else! Smoothness is the key, make sure you dial a trick to the max so that when you want to incorporate it into another trick it will be much easier! Riding the most powered when trying to nail a trick is often not the key, if you are struggling to dial it try a little less power till you get the hang then go out fully powered and it will make it all the better. Wind is wind, so never complain about it, its better to be out riding then to have no wind!
Website: www.craigsparkes.com

Flexifoil Kiteboarding
Dakine Edge PowerKites
craig sparkes flexifoil kitesurfing

craig sparkes flexifoil kitesurfing
craig sparkes flexifoil kitesurfing
craig sparkes flexifoil kitesurfing

Added: 2009-03-25

Category: Rider profiles

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