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The PKRA BoardThe PKRA Board, in association with Turbulence, Flexifoil and Surfers Against Sewage - The opportunity to win a unique piece of kitesurf artwork! Johara Sykes-Davies, Turbulence and Flexifoil pro rider on the PKRA world tour, has been travelling the world with an extra board for the year. The idea started with Charlie from Flexifoil, who donated a plain white Krunk kiteboard shaped by Cu in Fuerteventura, from his garage at home. After we gave the board a little clean we thought we would try and create a unique piece of artwork. We thought it would be perfect raise much needed funds to help Surfers Against Sewage tackle their campaign for clean, safe recreational water, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, nuclear waste and marine litter. So the board has done over 10000 miles this year, gathering over 60 signatures from riders, names and faces on the world tour on one side of the board. The other side of the board is plastered in all the manufacturers' and sponsors' stickers.
The PKRA BoardThe board finally returned to North Wales and was handed over to local hero and woodwork master, Derek Link. Derek has created a large wooden frame with polycarbonate front and back, so it can be viewed from both sides. The board is supported diagonally and is held in by custom-made stainless steel brackets. This piece will sit either in its own self supporting stand or can be hung a number of ways. The finished piece would be a superb talking point in any office, home, shop or club and comes with a presentation album detailing the board's journey, showing photos of it being signed in the PKRA world tour spots.
For your chance to check out more shots of the board and get bidding you can find the board on the Turbulence EBay store - click here .
The board will be on the site from 4pm on Tuesday 21st October 08 to 4pm Tuesday 28th October 08. So for your opportunity to invest in a significant piece of kitesurfing history whilst raising money for the super eco charity Surfers Against Sewage, get online and get bidding. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! All proceeds from the sale of the board will go to the S.A.S team.
The PKRA BoardJulian Kidd, Maki Wiggins, Madison Van Heurick, Seb Garat, Maciek Kozerski, Fabiene D'Ortoli, Janmores, Gina Gali, Paul Caswell, Alex Caizergues, Johara Freedom Sykes-Davies, Jemma Grobellaa, Bruna Kajiya, Jack Shoulder, Audrey Meyer, Lex Dekker, Adam Withington, Pauline Boussard, Tom Herbert, Charles Delau, Denzil Williams, Hannah Whitely, Cesar Portas, Danny Rodriguez, Bruno Sroker, Mario Rodwald, Gisela Pulido, Jo Wilson, Kevin Langeree, Jalou Langeree, Karolina Winkowska, Julian Hosp, Ali Barrett, PKRA Race Director Erik, Susi Mai, Dirk Hanel, PKRA Judge Carlos, Sam Light, Olaf Van Toc, Brunaski Carrillo, Aaron Hadlow, Kirsty Jones, Youri Zoon, Angela Peral, Jason Furness, Bjorn Viane, Ania Grzelinska, Forest Bakker, Elena Pitoulis, Ruben Lenten, Toby Bromwich, Alvaro Onieva, Mauricio Tuscano, Sami Gali, Tom Court, Manuel David Rondon, Alex Pastor, Mikael Bloomvall, Peter Tyshkevich, Reno Romeu, Mark Jacobs, Arygen Gonzales and The Kiteworld Crew!
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Added: 2008-10-21

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