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Spleene Board 09 Range

Spleene 2009 Board Line-Up
For 2009 the Team of Rainer Kauper from Spleene Germany have seriously pulled up their sleeves and developed a stunning Line-Up of Boards for the new season.
New Ranges, new Shapes, new Construction, new Graphics, new Accessories etc. everything has been reworked and improved upon.
The new Board Ranges now fall into two main categories:
Fun Tech/FT-Series
The Fun Tech Series of Boards, have been designed for Freeriding and offer accessible Performance for kiters of all abilities. Equipped with the new, moulded Fun Tech Series Footstrap/Footpad Combo and G10 Fins this Range of boards doesn't only offer excellent performance but also looks the part. Another nice surprise of the Fun Tech Range is its Credit Crunch busting price-tag which makes these Boards most affordable for kiters on a low budget.
Available sizes: FT DOOR 160-44, FT SESSION 142-42, FT RIP 133-40, FT RIP 136-42
Construction: 2D- Shape, Suspension Tips, Wood Core, Soft Edges, High Gloss Top Finish
High Tech/ HT-Series
The new High Tech Series of Boards have been totally overhauled from last years models. With the introduction of the new Fun Tech Series, the designers at Spleene were free to provide the HT-Range with much more performance, more attitude and a more radical look than in previous years.
Thanks to the new wood construction and Jet Bottom base the HT-boards plane earlier, have better edge holding capabilities and more pop than before.
Like the FT-Range, the High Tech Series features a High Gloss Top Finish and has been equipped with some mean new accessories. The new Diamond moulded Footpad and G10 Fins come as standard but the rider has the choice of either the new Lace-Straps or the TB-Footstrap System which can be fitted without the need of a screwdriver.
Available sizes: HT DOOR 159-45. HT DOOR 164-50, HT SESSION 141-43, HT RIP 132-40, HT RIP 135-42, HT RIP 137-44, HT RIP 139-47
Construction: 3D-Shape, Jet Bottom, Extended Suspension Tips, Wood Core, High Gloss Top Finish
ZONE Waveboard
Last but not least Spleene have further developed their unique Zone Waveboard and for 2009 have increased its length and improved its Rockerline. The new Zone now planes earlier, rides much better in chop and handles bigger surf without batting an eyelid.
Unlike most dedicated waveboards the Spleene Zone is totally unique as it utilises the same Snowboard Wood Construction as is found on the rest of Spleenes board range. This provides the Zone with an almost bombproof construction, excellent Flex-characteristics and incredible edge holding capabilities. Try one, you will be amazed!
Available size: Zone 174-44 Construction: 2D-Shape, Suspension Tail, Wood Core, High Gloss Top Finish
To complete the new 2009 Line-Up Spleene has a dedicated Ladies Freestyle board and a board for the young rippers in the pipeline. Both boards should be ready for Spring delivery.
More information can be found on Spleenes new website www.spleene.com
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