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Spleene Announce Release of "Q" Kite

Spleene 'Q'-Kite:
Fresh from the Bond factory comes the new Q Kite from Spleene. The spymasters own inventors have been working to come up with something new. Here's what they told us:
"After much anticipation Spleene is now ready to launch their long awaited 'Q' kitesurfing kite. Including its new 'IQ' Bar-system, the 'Q' will be available in stores from the beginning of April. Spleenes 'Q' is a true Crossover Kite, a term that defines its characteristics perfectly.
As one would expect from a modern kite, the 'Q' is extremely versatile, providing the rider with fantastic lift, direct bar-feedback, fast acceleration, tight turning, Auto-Water-Relaunch, a One-Pump-System, great stability in gusty conditions and an exceptionally wide wind range.
The development team around Ernst Strobl (from U-Turn) and Rainer Kauper (Spleene) only needed a relatively small amount of prototypes to achieve the desired results. This was only possible thanks to the meticulous application of their combined knowledge of aerodynamics, designing the 'Q' as a kite with straight Trailing Edge, strongly swept back Leading Edge and a removed Centrestrut right from the outset, providing the 'Q' with an adjustable profile that is extremely effective at eliminating the dreaded Front Stall. It's constructed with the best materials and reinforcements are made from Double-Ripstop-Nylon and Kevlar in highly stressed areas."

"The 'Q' uses a short depower as the kites centre section represents the majority of the 'Qs' surface area and can be depowered with limited travel. This also makes the kite more agile and lighter.
The 'Q' will be available in sizes 5,7,9,10.5,12 and 14m?
The 'IQ'Bar-System allows rotations without winding up the flying lines. Furthermore the 'IQ' Bar-System doesn't need a separate safety leash for those riders who never kite unhooked. An instantaneous, total release system also provides the kiter with a further safety in extreme situation; e.g. if the kite gets tangled with another kite."
More details of the 'IQ' Bar-System will be released here soon!
Whether it will have machine guns or line cuttters for those tricky rights of way issues isn't yet clear but we're looking forward to testing one in a coming issue.

Click to read the review of the Spleene 134 RIP Kiteboard
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Added: 2009-03-24

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