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Scottish Follow the Wind Tour 2011

Scottish FTWTThis is the 7th consecutive tour in Scotland where whoever wants to attend is free to do so. The is no cost to participate in this random wandering around the shores of Scotland looking for wind and epic kitesurfing conditions. Possibly the longest tour of its kind the Scottish FTWT has built a reputation of taking people to some great kitesurfing spots and new adventures. Every year they find somewhere new to explore and make new friends in the process. You don't have to be a kitesurfer to attend. You don't have to be of any particular standard. There are normally excellent riders right down to folk that can't who are happy to greet those that are kiting with a cup of tea when they come off the water. It's inevitable there will be some BBQ mayhem, late nights and long drives. This is a tour, so sitting in one spot for too long rarely occurs.
Meeting will be at the starting point for 2 days allowing those with a way to travel a chance to get there. After that it's down to what the wind decides to do. 9 Days in Scotland in August will normally provide enough days of wind to satisfy most kitesurfers. There will inevitably be some days of no wind, but with so much to do up here and so many places to see they have never been stuck for things to do. There will be SUP's and surf boards around, and what ever else folk decide to bring along.
To date the youngest person on the tour was about 8 years old. Her and her sister are doing rather well on the BKSA Am Ladies at the moment. Both Chloe and Danielle Durrant are regular podium finishes in competition, and they are not alone as FTWT participants. Helen Thompson Former BKSA ladies champion, as was Johara Sykes-Davies. Ali Barrett, one of the most stylish riders still competing with a huge bank of old and new school tricks. Robin Snuggs, 3rd in the BKSA back in the days when Ibby won his title, and Sam Moore, 2009 BKSA am mens title holder. Will Makinson who came 3rd in the youth last year and is challenging for top spot this year. Maggie Cleeve who competes on water, land and snow winning several titles. Sean Murphy from Ireland, and the joker Murray Aldridch, Jack Riddel and Keira Alwood, Ali Hendry and Joe Mathews. The flamboyant Frenchman Sebastien HarinKouck and global traveller Meggan Griffiths, Chris Whelen of Deadman clothing and the twins of Martin and George Thatchell. British speed record holder Dave Williams. These are just a few that have pushed themselves in competition but this tour is not about competition. The Durrant sisters couldn't kite on their first tour although the oldest person to ever attend Roger could at .....can't count that far.
This year we have heard that the record for the youngest person will be broken by a significant margin. It's always good to see new faces, and some of the regulars return. To date there have been 120 different people attend, some for a day, some on 4 or more occasions for the whole trip. You never know for sure who is going to turn up. One of two regulars for sure, but every year there are new faces to get to know and share the experience with. they will be posting information on FB as well with final directions and contact details. If you want to know more about this tour feel free to contact Mark Tward.
There doesn't seem to be a lot happening kitesurfing wise in the UK during August so if you are stuck for something to do join us in Scotland. The Monday of 29th August is a bank holiday in England so there is plenty of time to get back home and prepare for work or school ;-)
This year the Scottish Follow the Wind Tour (FTWT) will start in Sandhead south of Stranrar. Tour dates are 20th-28th August although some guys will probably meet up on the Friday night. They started here in 2007 and were made very welcome in the local pub on the green. Type in Sandhead to google maps and you should find it. It's about 8 miles south of Stranrar on the west coast of Scotland. For all of you driving up from the south it's more user friendly than heading into the hills, which they will hopefully do some time during the trip. Anyone coming up by bus that needs a ride, you're best to get a ticket that goes via Glasgow and they can arrange for someone to pick you up. There are spare seats in a couple of vans so sharing a bit of the fuel costs is the cheapest way to travel all round! Call Mark Tward or email him if you have any questions: Marktward@aol.com or tel 07710 639796.
Further information on facebook.com/event.php?eid=129547137136785
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