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Red Bull King of the Air 2013

Red Bull King of the Air | The Comeback!

by Red Bull ZA Team
In February 2013 Red Bull King of the Air returns from a 8 year hiatus to a stunning new location: Big Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.
Hilbert de Gier Megaloop Cape Town
Red Bull King of the Air has found new energy to bring back the wow factor of kiteboarding. In the past King of The Air was the most prestigious event in kiteboarding, where the world's best battled it out with the biggest airs. The sport has gone in many different directions since. Now seven years later, an all-new format focused on extreme big airs and a new location is going to bring us to new heights of kiteboarding.
During this event we have the 16 best kiteboarders invited by the King Of The Air committee and eight wildcards will be divided through international and national kiteboarders that send in their most extreme tricks. The event is set to take place on the windiest day in the first two weeks of February. If you want to see this crazy action from up close come join us at Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

We sat down with legendary kiteboarder, Ruben Lenten to see what we had to say about the Red Bull King of the Air comeback:

How stoked are you for King of the Air in Cape Town 2013?

I am mega-stoked that the Red Bull King of the Air has found its way back to make a big impact on kiteboarding once again. Normally I don't compete as most contests are aimed at really technical tricks but the format of Red Bull King of the Air is right up my street. This contest is all about extreme big airs and I think I am just as stoked as I was back in 2005 when I won the last event in Hawaii. With Red Bull King of the Air we'll have the world's best riders come out to battle it out in Cape Town's classic extreme winds. I also hope to inspire a lot of riders, especially young riders to not just focus on the most difficult tricks but rather get more kite, air and board control from flying high and riding hard.

How did LEN10 Megaloop Challenge set up the concept for King of the Air 2013?

The LEN10 Megaloop Challenge was set-up to create more awareness for extreme kiteboarding. Quite a few riders came out and really liked the format, which was also easy to follow for spectators. It created quite a buzz and this time I was only hosting, judging and demoing at the event but for 2013 I cannot wait to participate and see who goes biggest, gnarliest, highest and furthest out there.
Ruben Lenten

What can we expect from the kiteboarders who'll participate in the event?

The world's best riders got an invite so guaranteed we'll see some insane new moves and massive wipe-outs. Normally the riders have to focus on really technical tricks but now they can just let loose and enjoy the freedom of big airs combined with extreme moves. We've got a two week waiting period to catch the windiest day so in the meantime it will be a blast to have these riders train, work, ride and spend time together. This will create a lot of inspiration and motivation to push the sport and themselves even further.

More on Red Bull King of the Air:

In 1999 an event was held on Ho'okipa Beach, Maui, that gave wings to the fledgling sport of kitesurfing. That event was Red Bull King of the Air. Over the next 7 years, as the sport gained popularity worldwide, the event became the annual playground for some of the world's most dynamic kiteboarders. Now, Red Bull King of The Air returns with more legends than ever before.
For more information visit the event website: www.redbullkingoftheair.co.za
For more information about South Africa, visit KW travel section:
Kitesurfing Cape Town
Kitesurfing Muizenberg
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