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Interview with a double cover star

Niccolo Porcella scored a first in Kiteworld history with back-to-back covers on issues #44 and #45...
We get promised all sorts in return for covers, from gold watches to cars to family members. All Niccolo Porcella had to to was produce the two best shots for issues #44 and #45. Here's a quick interview with the rider who in his younger days was the leading grom in the world:
Niccolo Porcella Kiteworld 45 coverNiccolo, no one has ever had back-to-back covers before. And we're sure it will be a long time before anyone gets a freestyle and a wave cover in the same year, never mind back-to-back. Has it been a good winter's riding?
Thank you guys so much, it's been a dream come true! I still can't believe it. I'm so happy I have no words. Yes, it has been the best winter of my life. I think it's been the same for a lot of people here in Hawaii too, back-to-back high-surf warnings and advisory levels, means it's been pretty much insane!
Your cover photographers, John Bilderback and Tracy Kraft, must be good to work with. Can you remember the two sessions you got your covers and can you tell us about them?
I sure do, even more vividly now ;) It's been an honour to work with them and I feel so blessed and lucky. They are so professional, positive, motivated and full of passion, love and respect. Anyone who has worked with them will understand
You rip at both wave and freestyle, but which do you prefer and why?
I love both, depending of course on the conditions. If you tell me I have to choose one or the other, I would have to be honest and say waves...Niccolo Porcella Kiteworld #44
Finally, we have a big interview with Lou Wainman in this issue. I know you spent a lot of time growing up with him as the first real grom at Kite Beach. Do you have any good memories of Lou back then and now? And what was it like virtually growing up on Kite Beach within that scene?
I've been very lucky and blessed to have grown up the way I did. Lou was a God for me and to get so close to him was a just like living a dream. He was a bit shy and it took a little while to get to know him, but then he took me under his wing and was like a step-dad / big brother. We've had very special moments together that I will never forget. He is such a genuine, nice guy and a funny joker with big dreams and big visions. I can still remember as if it was yesterday that he said 'One day we will have our company that we will be so stoked on.' Well, now he has with Wainman Hawaii, but he also has his wife and the cutest little baby girl, Lilly. All I can say is dreams can come true.
Growing up at Kite Beach with all the boys was definitely entertainment every day. They all kept an eye on me and took care of me... for the most part!
Thank you guys so much.
Niccolo Porcella
Find more on Niccolo at: www.niccoloporcella.com/
and at: www.wainmanhawaii.com
John Bilderback's new DVD, Big Windy, features Niccolo as well as other top wave riders.
Watch the trailer here
Watch a bonus section here
Order it here
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