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Gisela gets injured in Germany!

KPWT Sylt Germany - Single EliminationIn her own words:
Hi everyone,
Today I faced a challenge and obstacle I have never experienced before.
We had the single elimination of Freestyle at the World Cup in Sylt (Germany). During my warm-up before the heat I had an accidente. When landing a trick I hurt my knee. I really thought I would not be able to compete as it was really painful. I put ice for a long time and anti-inflamatory cream, but this didn't make it better so I went to the doctor. They did an X-ray which showed the bones were OK, the pain was due to the tearing of the interior meniscus. The doctor asked me if I wanted to compete and I said 'of course, doctor!', so they stuck two injections of anti-inflamatory and pain killers which was rather painful. I KPWT Sylt Germany - Single Eliminationhad to really be careful when competing because my knee was hurting so much.
I won all my heats with very technical tricks but avoided power landings; I was really scared of the pain landing. I progressed to the final where I met Kristin Boeses, the local German rider. In the final I had to push myself to my limit to win against Boese. I successfully landed 5 different kind of handle-passes that led me to my victory in this single elimination.
Now it is time to recover and wait for the double elimination. I am not going to compete in the Wave and Racing, as I want to be totally healed for the KPWT in Tarifa.
Yesterday was a day that I will never forget the feeling from. I have been training so hard this winter and the feeling of possibly not being able to compete because of injury was a hard new feeling that I never experienced before.
Now that I have overcome this challenge I feel stronger. It was a personal set-back which I had to overcome at some point. It showed me that whatever obstacles arrive on your life path, you must not give up, on the contrary you need to fight hard for what you want.
Gisela will be profiled in Issue #40, out in July, in a Tarifa special, alongside Jaime Herraiz and Alvaro Onieva. Subscribe by clicking here
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Added: 2009-06-18

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