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Issue #58 Preview

Kiteworld issue 58 coverIf you're reading this, there's a good chance you're hooked on kitesurfing, you might even say in love with it. With good reason ? what's not to love? In this issue we look at some of the factors associated with the big L word.
For starters there's a typically stoked-filled gallery on the subject of Impulse, followed swiftly by a ten page feature on the one and only Andre Phillip - the man with the most alluring style in kiteboarding.
Next up a very different feature, called To Kite, To Love, To Fear. Written by Sydney University Professor and self confessed wave kiting addict, Jason Gallate, who takes us on a journey inside our brains to explain just what it is about kitesurfing that flicks our switches on so hard. With a backdrop of some of the most exciting images we could muster, you'll realise there's a lot more to appreciate regarding fear than just the smell coming from your pants. It's attractive (not the smell of course).
In issue #58 we also take a look at two very different Caribbean destinations. The Dominican Republic has been at the core of kiteboarding since its very beginning, with handfuls of the sport's early innovators bashing brains and equipment ideas together on the windy beaches of the bustling kite town of Cabarete. We take a road trip around the island blowing myths that this is the only place to kite on the island. It's not, not by a long shot!
Union Island on the other hand is relatively new to the kitesurfing map of perfect conditioning, but it really is sublime and laced with incredible opportunities for all sorts of riders looking for that totally perfect kiting holiday.
Technique-wise we load you up with the necessary pilot programmes for you to be able to raley and Nuke S-bend and Dimitri Maramenides is back with the second part of his big air series, this time taking your basic boosting skills further and adding all you need to know for some nice floaty back rolls.
On test, we're looking at some specialist light wind gear, featuring the Airush Sectors 54 and 60, RRD's 10 Knots and Flyboards Flydoor twin-tips as well as big, powerful kites from North, Slingshot, F-One and Epic. We also sneak in some all round gear, including the Ozone Catalyst and Wainman Smoke kites and the Xenon Rayo and F-One Trax twin-tips.
Plus lots more! Issue #58 will be available from early July.
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To Love, To Kite, To Fear
KGB Kiteboarding

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